All In A Very Long Day!

Max and I made the long trek into Toronto, fighting with traffic and ill mannered drivers till we found ourselves in this very different world.  Max looked at me, as we entered Sick Kids and said, “This is a hospital?”  I thought that too… as my shopaholic senses sniffed out the stores that were around me.

We ate a Subway sandwich and headed into the ER department.  No linc.  Yah.  As we were being checked in, Max vomits his sandwich right on cue.  We are taken in and given a room.  The doctor came in and ordered blood work and hooked Max up to an IV.

(Here, they do IVs in a very kid friendly way. Max’s IV hasn’t bothered him one bit).

After waiting a long while for the blood work, the doctor came back and said the blood work is all normal (which I could have told him) and they were sending him home and with a referal to a specialist which he will likely get in in 2-4 weeks.

The doctor left.  I called Sanj totally freaked out.  I called the doctor back.  I was on the edge.  My tears came in earnest, not listening to my voice commanding them to stop… I did the ugly cry.  Ugh.  Balling, I told the doctor that he can not send Max home.  We can not have him throwing up another 21 days before someone sees him or helps us.  It is not acceptable and I told him that I am freaked out.

I reached for his hand… which I think freaked the good doc out and begged him to admit my Max.

He looked at me and said, “OK, I’ll call the admitting doctors and tell them your case.  And we’ll see what we can do.”

I had to work hard to stop the ugly cry.  I didn’t realize just how scared I was.  I didn’t realize how vunerable it feels to be in a country where there is an abundance of care and yet I am dependent on a stranger for the care of my child.  It is a very scary place to be.

I looked down at Max, who, I think, responding to my tears, had tears rolling down his face too.  Oh, my poor sweet baby.  I am pretty sure he is scared too.  I am pretty sure that seeing his mom lose control like that was a frightening site.

At minutes to 11 pm, 10 hours later, we were admitted.  The staff here is PHENOMENAL.  The nurses are so kind and gentle.  The place is loaded, making it kiddy heaven.  A young man, is playing video games with Max right now, as I type, in this lounge call Marnie’s Lounge.

This morning, the door opened and in walked “Our Team”… just as in Grey Anatomy.  It was pretty cool.. the Big Doc and all her people.  The chief resident gave an over view of Max’s case and then, just like on TV they did their thing.  The only thing that was missing was McDreamy!  I’ll be keeping my eye out for him! lol


In all seriousness… I feel more at peace.  I feel like we are finally being taken seriously.  I feel like there is a team here that will be looking for answers.  I feel the prayers of all of you… and ask that you continue to pray that Max is healed and makes a full recovery and is back to being that great kid that has energy and strength.

Thanks, everyone, for all the love and support.   I’ll post as I can.


Please excuse spelling errors.. I can’t seem to make this spelling check work on this computer. 


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2 Responses to All In A Very Long Day!

  1. Hettie Aardema says:

    this makes me so sad for both of you.. Our prayers are being lifted for you, Please God send Max and Reema some answers soon.. They need you so much right now.. Amen

  2. Rena Ridley says:

    So happy for you. Knowing the environment and kid-friendly everything (even IVs) I knew you’d have peace that if anyone can figure it out, it would be them.
    I can picture you in the lounge, know it well, I can picture you in your room, not too comfy those beds but oh well. Please God now give us answers!
    Love ya

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