I’m OK With That!

Today has been a better day.

(Thank you, Jesus).

Max had an ultrasound today that came back normal.  They are going to do a MRI at some point to rule out something more serious that can be associated with vomitting and headaches (which Max seems to get with more frequency).  When this will happen, they are not sure… but I’m ok with that.  The doctor told me she’s willing to  bet money that it comes back fine.  It’s just a precaution.  I’m good with that.

I feel confident that this team… Team Max will keep going till he is fixed.  Back that up with all the prayers coming our way… Max will be fixed.  They are so kind and gentle folks here.  There are so many sick kids here.  It really makes my heart hurt.

It makes me desperately want Jesus to just come.  Now. Please.

My boys are great at home with my mom.  Thanks, Mom.  Everyone is a little off with me gone.  I hear it in their voices.  Tomorrow I have everyone farmed off for a playdate.  I am so grateful to all our friends of offers of help.  I will call, if we need it.

I/we are so blessed.

The hunt for McDreamy continues. 

Even McSteamy would be cool.

Actually even House.

I’ll keep looking.


p.s.  Could you keep praying? Thx!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know you, but praying for your precious Max!

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