It’s Friday!

(My Josh was always snugglicious!)

That’s my favourite day of the week!  I love a Friday night when there is nothing that requires my attention on the calendar.  I love the option of friends over or going out … or even just laying on my bed, usually surrounded by some of my boys, reading a book as they watch a movie or hockey.  Today is a little different.  Sanj is off to sunny Fort Myers for another one of his conferences.  At school, it’s our annual Fellowship Dinner ( a dinner only for the parents where we can get to have adult time with each other).  This means that I am setting up for  it this morning.  Then there is the countless little things I need to do and then after school there is jujitsu for Zach and Tyler, hockey for Max ( if I find him a ride) and I need to be at the school for 5:30 pm to help.  Phew!  It’s 7:10 am and I feel tired already.

This week Josh had his ear drum repaired.  The doctor took skin from behind his ear and went into his ear drum and repaired the hole/s that were in his ear.  Josh did great.  Max, having had so many IVs has kind of made IVs (and not crying when you get them) cool.  When Josh came to, after waking up, he was proud of his IV and that he didn’t cry (even though they put it in him after he was asleep (thank goodness).   He woke up calmly this time from the anaesthesia (last time he screamed like a banshee till I came in and even still he continued his scream just to make sure we got the point that he was not impressed).  He was extremely chatty with the nurses.  Soon another little boy came into the recovery.  His mom carried him in and sat on the chair holding him.  Josh was watching intently.  When he saw the boy’s IV, he pulled his own IV hand out of the blanket and rested his arm out so the other boy could see that he too, had an IV… as if they were all part of the same club.  So cute!

The doctor said, “Josh will likely sleep for the rest of the day, we gave him quite of bit of anaesthesia.  Keep him still and resting.”  Hum… Josh has a paradoxical reaction to the anaesthetic.  It makes him extremely hyper.  Extremely.  There was  no calm resting the remainder of the day.  There was extreme behaviour… constant chattering and very active moments.


My youngest has a gift.  This boy knows how to snuggle.  It’s an art.  He could teach a class in this.  He’s a big boy.  He is squishy with all that baby fat.  He lays as close to me as he can get.  One arm is thrown over my body and pulled in real close.  The other grabs hold of a piece of me and he pulls me in for a real hold as he oozes with love and warmness.  It is a real special treat.  I think that I am thrilled each time he says, “Mommy, I want to snuggle,” because I realize that clock is ticking and soon, probably too soon, that will be gone.  He will outgrow it or rather want a girl that isn’t mommy to snuggle with.  lol… but not really!

Josh is a big boy.  He is almost 80 lbs.  I can’t pick him up anymore.  Yet he is only 6 years old.  He towers over so many of his peers and even those older than him.  Zachary is just a bit taller than him at the moment with Josh rapidly gaining height.  They wear the same size clothes for the most part.  There is a down fall of being a big boy.  People don’t cut you any slack.  They expect you to behave older.  There are many kids that are smaller, some quite a bit smaller and they get the break of being or acting really young because look 4 rather than 6 years old.  It’s kind of a rough thing… being a big boy.  Then you add being the youngest and it has immaturity written all over.

Oh well… there are perks… such as going on rides most kids your age can’t. lol

All in a week…

Thank You, God for all Your mercies over all my babes especially those that have had to have surgeries and procedures.  Thank you for blessing us with the doctors that studied and know their stuff!  You have blessed us with such incredible bodies that are able to great things!

I love You! 


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