Saturday Leisure…

It’s Saturday… and I have nothing to do and no where to be!!!

( When they were younger, BJ… (Before Josh)

Well, let me tell the truth, Sanj is in Florida at a conference ( yes, I know, he seems to have an awful lot of those, eh?).  Yesterday was a brutally busy day… but I survived it and enjoyed it.  Today, Zachary did have hockey practice at 8 a.m. but since I didn’t even get home till after 11 pm… and when I did peek a look at Zach, he was fast asleep, we skipped. Later tonight, 9:30 pm, Sammy and Tyler have hockey.  Yet that leaves me all day to just do absolutely whatever I feel like!

You know what they say, “When the cat’s away, the mice play…” So while Sanj is away, I had our bedroom painted… it was much needed.  It looks fabulous!  New bedding, totally de-cluttered the whole room, got rid of all the dust bunnies and other yucky stuff hiding under our bed and made an absolutely fabulous haven!  Love it!  I just have a few more things to do, curtains, pictures and 2 other nick nacks to purchase.  Now, yes, I’d much rather be reading a book or being absolutely lazy… but knowing the results of vegging in my bed tonight keep me going.

Last night was our school’s Fellowship Dinner… this is a night where just the parents come and hang out have relax.  It was potluck… my favorite kind of meal.  I love trying new recipes of yummy comfort foods.  We had a Dessert Challenge for the men… desserts from scratch… it was truly incredible the entries… delish!  As one of the men said… Absolute Food Porn!   (You had to be there… but Yum!)  The evening was a lot of fun.  I had a date… another sister from another mother… whose husband was gone too.  Lots of laughter… lots of other stuff!

I have a huge bruise on my tibia.  Huge… as I slipped and hit it against the bed as I was trying to move it myself.  OUCH!  I wish I was more handy… I really want to hang up the curtains… but I am so scared to drill a hole in the wall…   🙁  And I hate that I have to wait for Sanj to do it.  Sigh.

Love my room… it’s cozy and comfy and clean!  I hope I can keep the clutter out!!!  Part of our problem is we love reading and have too many books!  Guess this is a perk to read on a iPad or Kindle.  Yet I think I would miss the feel of a book… I don’t know.

The younger two are laying on my bed watching some fishing show and they keep using the word “spawn.”  It’s a word that sounds evil.  Just random thoughts coming out of my head.

I was looking for some pictures to blow up and put on the wall in our bedroom.  Going through  the boxes of pictures is such a favourite thing.  It just takes me back … they say a picture is worth a thousand words…  My boys were the cutest, truly beautiful babes.  Guess that’s why we kept having them.

Sammy came home from hockey having someone slash his wrist… it looks like a trip to the doctor is in order.  (Please Dear God… Let it NOT be broken… please).  It’s amazing that I have six boys and the only broken bone was Sammy’s arm when he was a year from falling off the sofa wrong.

Just a nice day to hang out … do what I wanted to do, even though it was really cleaning… I wonder if I didn’t have 7 hockey playing men in my life what I would really do with all that free time?  Hum… something to ponder!

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