We’re back!  Sanj and I went to the Bahamas for the weekend.  Literally the weekend… we left Friday morning (early) and came home Sunday evening… this was my birthday present from my favorite man this year.  Not bad, eh?

This is my favorite picture of us …

I hate leaving my boys when both of us are flying somewhere.  I have this fear of us crashing and leaving the boys behind … not a pleasant thought.  They had a wonderful time with their respective families (Thanks Suk-in-laws, Welches and Koopmans).

Being away alone is such as luxury.  Life is so simple… “What do you want to do?  No, What do you want to do?”  We could skip meals or eat where there were there were no chicken nuggets. lol  We could go to bed early or stay up past our bedtime.  There was no pressure at all.  And yet… we couldn’t help but constantly say… “Oh the boys would love this …” “If the boys were here…”  We are such a part of each other that they were with us still.

Another favorite picture…

One afternoon, after going into town to eat the yummiest rice and beans and fried snapper, after fending off folks trying to sell us things we really didn’t need at the Straw Market, after a boat ride back checking out the rich and richer’s houses, we went to our room.  The plan was to just lay down for a few minutes and then go to the pool.  Sanj was out.  Snoring, exhausted.  Then he sat up, apologized and said he was ready to go out.  Poor guy… life has us running constantly that even on vacation there seems to be the guilt of not being out enjoying and doing.  I was more than happy to send him back to sleep (he later ended up fighting a bug)… read my book and watched a movie.  Later we enjoyed the evening, feeling rested and truly relaxed.

This weekend away reminded me that I married my best friend.  I love this man.  I’m reminded of the fun I had with him, the teasing and playing when I was just a girl, really… and how wonderful that after all this time, I still enjoy his company immensely.

Favorite picture of my favorite guy…

Maybe knowing we would be back to life with just moments for us to steal, made this little getaway a little bit of heaven.  Thanks, Sanj for being so thoughtful and creative in your gift giving.  Good luck next year! I can’t wait too see what you come up with!

By the way… I love you.

And… God… Thank You for it all!

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