Dying Traditions…

Do you send out Christmas cards? 

If not, how come?  Is it simply laziness, lack of time or you really just don’t care?  Do you like getting them?  I love Christmas cards!  I love knowing and appreciating the fact that someone thought of us and bothered to send us some Christmas Cheer.  I love getting pictures… especially when we don’t get to see them very often due to distance, as is the case with many of our family and friends.

I heard that the average person gets 10 cards a year.  We probably fall in that average.  Sanj gets a bunch at work but I don’t really count those as they aren’t really personal friendships.

I always have the best intentions in mind.  Every year I make a goal to have them out by Dec 1st and every year I fall very short of that goal.  Actually the truth is if I get them mailed before Christmas I am very proud of myself!  I stopped writing Merry Christmas as that was almost setting myself up to fail.  This year I went with “With Love and Best Wishes…” knowing that covers pretty much any time they get mailed! lol

I love checking the mailbox this time of year, knowing that there may be a good chance that in the midst of the bills there lays the possibility of a special envelope from someone that isn’t looking for money or to sell me something!

It’s seven days till Christmas~  and it’s Sunday night… my boys are loud, teasing each other, fighting and over all being a noisy nuisance! (Wahoo.. I spelled nuisance correctly!!!  That never seems to happen)!  I am sitting here, looking at whose addresses I have and whose I don’t.  Every year, as I look through my list, I wonder should I send it so the XYZ family as they never send one.  Should that matter?  Probably not.  I do wish my friends would send me one… (HINT)… but really that isn’t or shouldn’t be the reason why I send them.  I really am sending with with love and our best wishes.  I am sending them because I want to catch up, (though this year there is no letter… just a picture card) and really wonder what’s happening in your life.

To my blog readers… I’d love to hear from you too.  I didn’t do a contest this year… but will do one in January… send me a card by January 1st and I’ll pick a winner at random and send  you a gift card for Starbucks.

Mail your card to:
Reema’s Blog

c/o The Ear Company

745 Lansdowne St West

 Peterborough, ON K9J 1Z2

Good Luck!  It’s not to late to send out Christmas cards and make people feel extra special!  It seems to be a dying tradition.  Help save it! 🙂

Hope you are able to remember the reason for this season in the midst of all the business!


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3 Responses to Dying Traditions…

  1. sharon hill says:

    hey – my card counts for the draw, right????……. 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    This may cause me to reconsider (again). I’ve been back & forth on sending cards this year, and pretty much decided that since I’m SOOOO late, I’d just skip it. But maybe I should send a few… Hmmmm….

  3. Sylvia says:

    Reema what I love about your blogs is the reality of every day life that you capture. You make me think of my own life & the blessings that I know I have, but don’t always stop to think of . Thanks for that! Always a pleasure to read!

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