Rain Drops and Boys Having Babies

Overheated!  That’s I how feel most of the time.  Unless I’m walking in the freezer section of the grocery store, I am usually overheated. Ugh.  It is not a pleasant feeling.  Then there’s Sanj who is usually cold.  How can you possible be cold in the summer?  Add that the a/c in my world is broken and needs replacement…  the truck… a luxury vehicle, they say, has a/c and yet the drivers side, will occasionally blow heat rather than air… not just heat but blistering burn you, heat.  Yes we continue to take it in… and yet it’s possessed.

So, yesterday I said the unthinkable.  I can’t wait for winter.  I mean, I can only legally take off so much… and even with the barest on, I’m overheated.  In the winter, you can keep adding layers.

Yes, I know, ridiculous.  I love summer.  I was on the porch with Sanj last night, under the orange, almost full moon, the boys in bed, Josh calling for me to lay with him, until exhaustion took over and he just fell asleep and sat with my favorite man and watch the down pour, the wind and the lightening.  It was so beautiful.  There is something so soothing to me about a storm.  I would have loved to sleep on the porch, and listen to the beating rain, enjoying the coolness of the air… but I would have been petrified of some creature paying me a visit in my sleep!!!

This is a little story I already posted on Facebook, so it may be redundant but I wanted to post it here on my blog so I’d have it for keeps later on.  The boys were in the car, we were heading home.  They were “sacking” each other in the pool… meaning that they were throwing the ball to their brother’s most vulnerable spot.  This rough housing continued as it will with boys.  Finally Sammy had enough and said to Josh, “If you hit me again, I’ll sack you so hard you will never be able to have children one day.”  Josh looked at Sammy and started laughing so hard and said, “Haha, you are so dumb!!! Boys can’t have babies!!!”

There was a actually pause in the air as the boys looked at each other and at me almost with disbelief  of what they heard. lol  I gave them a look that told them to be quiet.  There’s not a lot of innocence in my youngest, being the last of six boys.  This was one of those things I wanted to preserve in him till reality touched him.


I love my boys.  Oh, they do drive me crazy most of the time but then there are moments… and I cling to those precious moments!

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