Living My Own Reality Show…

I know… it’s been forever since I blogged.  I spent some time thinking that maybe I was done.  Yet my life is such a freak show, so many hours of each day that I feel like I need this outlet, or this means of remembering or documenting the craziness of the boys so some day, if my memory fails me, there is record of the days, hours, minutes that they tortured me and each other or the times that they made me laugh till I pee’d my pants.

So I am back… simply because this prank the boys came up with had me laughing and scared all at once.

I went to the mailbox… and Tyler and Max said,  “We  have a letter for Zachary… can you play along?”

Zach comes down with a letter addressed to him, apparently from Mumbai, India…

Here’s a copy of the letter:

Dear my sweet Zach,

 We have waited a long time and thought for a long time about this. But we think its time you know the truth. When you were born it was unexpected, I was only 17. I was young. Your father and me decided we had to let someone adopt you. I didn’t want to but I knew it was the right thing to do. But I thought it was time for you to know the truth. We want you to come back and live with us in Mumbai India. We know this will be hard a transition but we think you can do it. We love you.

 Baahir (your father), Fatinna (Your mather) Ishira (Our last name)     

Our picture for you… son.


Thankfully, Zachary laughed and knew immediately they were joking!

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2 Responses to Living My Own Reality Show…

  1. Luette Rosenthal Cowell says:

    That is so funny, Terry, Emily and I really got such a big kick out of it. It is good you are writing this all down, wish I had done that! Memory does tend to fad!! Keep the funnies coming.

  2. Sarah Evans says:

    That was so funny! I had tears reading it, the boys always keep you on your toes thats for sure!

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