Running Away… Wanna come?

My Facebook status reads, “Ever feel like running away? Today is one of those days… where would you go?”  Funny how many assume that I’m wanting to run away from my kids. lol  Yes, there are many times I do, but today it’s just the rat race we call life.  Nothing specific… just all the things that keep me running.

A week or two ago, I was sitting in the driver’s seat, parked, waiting for Sanj, and reached my arm around to tickle Sammy.  My arm was in an ackward angle.  Sammy jumped up, reacting to the tickle and then landed back on  my arm.  Needless to say my elbow was twisted in an unnatural angle and I screamed out.  No, it isn’t broken, “Thank you, Jesus!”   Yet I believe I torn a ligament.  Sammy felt horrid, though it wasn’t his fault.  Did I mention that it’s my right arm (yes, I’m right handed).  Even wiggling my fingers causes discomfort. 🙁

My doctor is likely going to send me for an ultrasound and told me not to use it and rest it.  Ummmmm… really?

Then this week is the Apple Pie Fundraiser.  (Remember this post?)  Then there is the Thanksgiving Dinner for Seniors… on Thursday.  Then… 4 blissful days of no school!!!

I’m sitting here and Josh is over my shoulder.  I love that someone’s always over my shoulder.  Usually, in the background, is Max.  He is always right by me.  This summer Tyler and Max were always with me.  Wherever I went.  Is that sweet?  I love that no matter where I am, Max, usually, follows me.  He is doing his own thing, playing on his iPad or whatever but always with me.

This summer, no matter if I was doing the most mundane task, Max and Tyler always puttered along.  I loved that.

Back to running away, I would likely go somewhere warm with water.  A place I would love to go is Tahiti.  I’d have a little hut on the beach, read, cook, enjoy mangoes, not worry about bills, laundry, messy house and vehicles. I wouldn’t have to wonder if I am living up to God’s full potential for my life… and wonder what I am really suppose to be doing…

I wouldn’t worry about all the people that I worry about.  I would just focus on today.  I’d appreciate that yesterday was gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet.

Yup… I’d love to be on an island somewhere… in another life.  I mean this picture below is the reality I would choice is my life today wasn’t so perfect. (Insert… well, you know…)

Yet then… I’d have to worry about my reoccuring nightmare… tidal waves.


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