All in a day…

It’s 9:59 pm and I just returned from our ballroom dancing lessons.  I can’t even remember the begin of this day, it seems so long ago… and with a list that had no end, my day seemed to just go on.

With the impending rains, my head seems to take a rhythm of its own and bang on all day.  The pounding has been non stop for 3 days now…  hoping for relief soon.

We learned the box step… and then on to the cha cha.  Hate that one… way to fast… Sanj told me to stop jogging… lol  He is way to intense, as he is with everything he attacks in life.  I looked at him at one point and said,  “This is suppose to be fun…” as his face seemed so intense and he replied or grunted out, “It is.”  Hum… lol  I love our teacher.  She is a sweet girl with a sense of humour.  I told her we’d have her over fun dinner and and then grab some private lessons.

Today, we had to start our day off very early.  SYATP… See You At The Pole… (google it) is a student lead initiative … very cool.  We gathered around the flag pole at 8 o’clock this morning… (yes, that is crazy early)!  We sung a song and then we’re led in prayer by some of the students for our school, our community and our country.  All over the country, perhaps even North American students were doing this at their flag pole.

(You can check it out here , if you are interested in doing this with your school).

There’s a fundraiser that has been happening for a long time by a sister high school of ours… Home made apple pies made from scratch… sold  just before Thanksgiving every year.   This year they are not doing it.  The cliental is there.  People know to come get their pies this time of year.  Yesterday someone mentioned it to me… that it wasn’t happening.  At first I just looked at her and said, ” no thanks, not interested.  So not my thing.”  In fact, just watching them do they work (they used our school kitchen to work) was so discombobulating.  Yet as I did the math and realized the big chunk of money that  was possible to make… my mind started to roll.  (How I hate that!)

I am still working on raising funds for our play ground.  The last big piece of the puzzle is still waiting for the monies to be raised.  $20,000 is that last bit of the puzzle.

Monday and Tuesday  I will be part of a wonderful team of people making 700 plus apple pies from scratch!  They are delicious, juicy and absolutely fabulous.

Folks order by the dozen and give them as gifts.  Since they are not baked, you can freeze them.  They are amazing gifts.

$10 each.  If you are local and interested, call 705-743-1400 for details.
Don’t wait… they go fast.

Plus… the best part of this is that God has wrapped His huge arms around this project.  I feel it and see it.  Everything has come together so incredibly in the last 12 hours.

I know may think I am crazy.  But… sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet.  Then following this is our Thanksgiving Dinner for Seniors we do at our school.  (It is one of my favourite days of the year).  Then there’s our Thanksgiving… and then Tuesday… my surgery…. no more cramps.

It’s a crazy week… but then… I have weeks to recoup.  How I will stay still is  for that long?  Sanj suggested I should take up Sudoko.  Haha.

It’s single parenting for me … tomorrow till Monday… the benefit of his leaving tomorrow is that I’ll get to watch Grey’s Anatomy in PEACE!!!  When Sanj is home, he is mocking and being sarcastic the whole time!  Maddening!  Do I keep a running commentary of how stupid it is to spend 4 or so hours of walking around a course trying to get a little white ball in a hole?  And for what?  And how dumb to do that over and over?

Anyways… it’ll be a good weekend.

Hope your’s is a good one too!

Oh, but I first have to get through Thursday…

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  1. Emily says:

    I wish I had your energy. When I left Ontario, I kept telling myself how much I wished that I was you. Then I finally came to terms with the fact that I never would be, and that I need to honor the fact that I am me. So I have to ask what the things are in you that I admire, and I need to try to hone those in myself, if I can. I love how you get so involved in things that you believe in. And I love how you will try new things (dance lessons). I love how you like your TV shows and make no apologies for that. LOL. I love your passion, your realness. I love your ability to make other people think.
    Thanks for being you. And if I could order pies, I’d order a few of them.

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