Business Hall of Fame: Sanj Sukumaran

This particular post is to offer congratulations to my favourite guy, Sanj!!! Sanj was inducted into the Peterborough 2020 Business Hall of Fame!!! “The inductees show integrity and business acumen and have made community contributions, making them inspiring role models for enterprising Junior Achievement students and young Canadians.” (Peterborough Examiner)

#1 Audiologist!

Sadly it was supposed to be an exciting shindig but thanks to COVID, as with so many other things, it was cancelled. This Thursday it will be presented to the inductees and shared live-stream. (I am pretty sure this calls for a new outfit, regardless)!

Sanj is one of the most deserving people of this honour. Personally, I don’t know why it took so long but I may be a little bias. 🙂 Let me share with you a little about this man I am blessed to call mine.

He is the number 1 audiologist and that isn’t me saying so as his wife. Ask any one of the thousands of patients he has seen over the last 27 years. He treats each of his patients with absolute kindness. I was working the front desk one day and a lady came in and asked if we did testing or sold something … telling my the rays of radiation or something was surrounding us and that’s why she sometimes sleeps with her head in foil. She was insistent and needing help. After being startled, I asked her to wait a minute and went to grab Sanj. He was sitting there chuckling listening to me baffled and quite enjoying the moment. But when he came out, I was so touched and amazed at how he treated the lady with respect and listened to her to for a good 5 minutes (despite his waiting room filled with patients). He then gently suggested to her that it was something that her doctor could help her with. The way he handled her gave her reassurance that she should go to her doctor. I have seen patients come in to share with Sanj that their spouse had passed away. I have seen Sanj shed tears with the living spouse, listening to their heartbreak. We had a waiting room with fresh baked goods and coffee for the patients (pre-covid). Patients would popped in to have a cup of coffee and munch on a cookie and say hi. I have seen him well up with tears as a parent sees their baby hear their voice for the first time.

This lady is one of his oldest patients, over 100 years old!

There are other parts of this man that many don’t see. He volunteers his time to the community with various organizations and charities. For the 20 plus years, Sanj booked his morning off every Friday and lead the children in worship at the boys school, and continued to do so even after we left. If you know Sanj, getting him to take time off is a difficult task!

Leading at the boys school sing along.
The Ear Company sponsored Under the Locks Tournament as well as Sanj volunteered endless hours to help run it year after year.

Yup! The Stanley Cup (no thanks to the Leafs)!
A picture says a 1000 words…

Another fundraiser for a local charity.

Of course Sanj’s biggest achievement is raising SIX amazing men. If the boys are half the men their dad is, we have done good!

(We all find this picture cheesy…but)
Congratulations Sanj!
We celebrate you and love you.

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5 Responses to Business Hall of Fame: Sanj Sukumaran

  1. Sharon Beauvais says:

    Congratulations Sanj! You certainly deserve your award.

    As one of your many patients, every trip to your office has been a positive experience.
    You and all of your staff are amazing to deal with. I could not imagine going anywhere else with my hearing issues. Thank you to you and to each of your staff

    What a beautiful family you have.

    Sharon Beauvais

  2. Dianne Barclay says:

    Simply said your the best!

  3. Jennifer Barter says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved Sanj!

  4. Chas Smeets says:

    Wow!….cannot think of a better recipient.

  5. David Myrvold says:

    Congratulations Well deserved. Thanks for all your help over the years. Much appreciated.

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