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Will You Be My Friend?

I think I am lonely today.  I am always around people yet sometimes I just miss having a real connection.Do you know what I mean?  Everyone is so busy… I miss having those heart to hearts… I miss that time … Continue reading

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Hairy, Hairy!

I had the weirdest dream yet it was kind of funny. I have blogged about my dreams… they are vivid and I usually can remember them in detail. I dream every night.  Sometimes that is tiring, depending on the topic … Continue reading

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I had a pretty good day.  Not a lot happening (well, I cancelled the a lot happening part to keep my day reasonable).  I went into the office and did a bit of cleaning, made a mental note to hire a … Continue reading

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The Gift

Today I spent the day with an incredible child/young man.  He looked like Sammy, smelled like Sammy and even dressed like Sammy.  I haven’t seen this child in a long time.  I really liked him!!!I had a great day with … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday My Sweet Zach!

Today is Zachary’s 8th birthday!  He is such a big boy, independent and has life under control that I forget that he is only turning 8!  I always think of him as a little older. He was born sometime this … Continue reading

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Today I spent some time at the boys school helping clean out the kitchen. Here’s the thing, I wouldn’t have done have that stuff even at home! How come it is so much easier cleaning outside my home? Do you … Continue reading

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The Boogie Man

It is 9:19 p.m.  I was happily relaxing in my bed snuggled up with Max, watching American Idol.  The two younger ones have been down for a bit.  Sanj and the older 3 are at hockey. My peacefulness is disturbed … Continue reading

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A Long Way Gone… by Ishmael Beah

I just finished a book called “A Long Way Gone.” I have to admit that it was a hard read.  From the back of the book you know right off the start it isn’t a happy story.  Yet I was … Continue reading

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Practicing What I Preach…

I just read my blog about loving the ones that are hard to love. My dad called my mom  and was going on about his loneliness.  He wants to live with each of his children a month.  YIKES!  My mom … Continue reading

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Ice, Friends, A Long Weekend…

I had a great weekend once with my men.  Saturday afternoon after hockey,  we had friends over.  They were on the rink all day.  Literally!  Zach (my 7 year old) had to be at hockey at 9 a.m.  then he … Continue reading

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A Challenge…

Here’s the thing… as parents we want the best for our kids.  We want them to be happy,well rounded, and carefree.  We want their childhoods to be simple, safe and special.  We want them to have friends.  We want them … Continue reading


Hockey, Brothers, Boys!

I am home from hockey, finally.  I have half an hour of my friday night left.My broken bum is extremely sore.I am tired.I had a good day, though.  Josh and I went to visit two friends of his and the … Continue reading

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It’s Friday Night!

It is Friday evening!  Yah!   I love being home.  I love the quietness that usually comes with everyone home from a busy week, tired and doing this or that.  I love being in bed with a kid or two, … Continue reading

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Too Much… Too Little…

Do you ever get tired of the rush?  I am tired of the rush.  It is that time where we should be getting into the van to be on-time for school.  Yet then I will be yelling and yapping that … Continue reading

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The Bestest Day!

Today was the bestest day I had in a while.   (Really, bestest should be a word!) The people of Haiti have been on my heart. Yet, I didn’t have much to donate.  God reminded me  that if everyone thought … Continue reading

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It’s supper time… Tyler has a couple of friends over for supper and then they will head off to Youth Group.  Sanj is on his way home… he is picking up take out for me for supper from one of … Continue reading

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It’s Going To Be A Good Day!

Today is a morning that my babes are tired.  My eyes are burning from waking up too early!  I would be tempted to let them sleep in and go to school later if Jordan wasn’t leaving on a class trip … Continue reading

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Not Qualified!

I am feeling really sad right now.  In the 2 hours in which I picked up my oldest, I feel I have aged 10 years.  I feel wrinkles and a tumor coming on.I went on my Facebook page and there … Continue reading

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The Baby Syndrome

I am in Sanj’s office… did a bit of work, trying to ignore the craziness that happens when he is not here.  I was sitting at lunch with a friend and had the realization that my babes are growing up.  … Continue reading

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The Enforcer!

My alarm is set to beep at six every morning.  Every morning I hit the button to shut it up.  Every morning we are running late. Sanj is away for a few nights in Toronto doing a course.  When he … Continue reading

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