The Bestest Day!

Today was the bestest day I had in a while.  
(Really, bestest should be a word!)

The people of Haiti have been on my heart.
Yet, I didn’t have much to donate.
 God reminded me  that if everyone thought that way, no one would help.
Thus came about Hot Lunch for Haiti.
A $3 minimum donation for a bowl of spaghetti for lunch for the kids at school.

Mr. Bouzinelos, from The Pizza Factory,
not only donated all the food but prepared it.
There was no worry for a messed up sauce!

I forgot how much I love this kind of thing.
I forgot how doing for others is medicine for the soul.
I forgot how being part of Good Neighbor makes me feel.

Then you add being in one of my favorite places,
and working along side the most lovely ladies.
I have to admit it really was too much fun to be called work.
It was so great!

OK… and then you have to add the money.
(I always have a goal… mine was $1000 yet I was too embarrassed to say it out loud, thinking just be grateful for whatever comes in).
Yet God knows me.
He is SO GOOD!
We made $1010.91

I loved that the children brought their change from their piggy banks.
I love that it isn’t stopping here.
As it ended, someone said, what else are we going to do?
Don’t you love it?
Popcorn… next week.

It is about every little bit  counts.  It is about doing for others.
It is about Loving Our Neighbor.
It’s about Being A Good Neighbor.

So… I am challenging you…
Yeah, YOU!
What are you going to do?
I dare you… match us or beat us 
and let us know!

If you want to match our funds…
give me a shout!

Where is our money going?
Check out this site:

I had the bestest day today!

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