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Proud To Be A Canadian!

I am a Canadian, a proud one at that!  We are a country that has shone!  How wonderful to see the country’s GLOWING HEARTS!  It was a perfect end … bringing home the GOLD!  I was mesmerized to watch my … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong?

Here’s the thing… I am suffering from PMS.  It is not a pretty thing.  When I get to heaven, I really do have some questions to ask God.  For example… Eve ate the apple… I get that … how come … Continue reading

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Come Soon…. Please!

I had a friend over today for lunch.  It was so lovely.  As we talked about the pains of people in our community, we were talking about Heaven.  Maybe I am getting old but life … it is so full … Continue reading

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Fear Factor!

Fear!  I am such a chicken, I realized.  I know, everyone is scared of stuff… it is normal. Yet, I am scared of much more than the average person.   Of course this probably goes hand in hand that I am … Continue reading

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Wanted: A Girlfriend….

Have you missed me?  I have missed writing so much.  Our internet is down and having issues that don’t seem to be solved overnight.  Annoying!  So for the past days, I have been talking to myself a lot.  I decided … Continue reading

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Hockey, Skiing, Olympics!

Today I spent part of the day at the ski hill with some of the boys.  They had a great time!  Sammy was suppose to spend the day there with some friends, who didn’t show up.  (That did not impress … Continue reading

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A Question…

From one of my readers: “… I agree with many things that you say (even though I don’t have kids yet). I too need girls weekends and most of my girlfriends live in Toronto or back home (4 hrs away!). … Continue reading

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Picky Picky Nose Picker!

Dropping like flies… did I not just blog about only one being home?  They are coming to me… “Mommy, my tummy is hurting.” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 13 year old is sound asleep before 7:30 p.m. My 4 year old is sound … Continue reading


S.A.D., Stomach Bug, Dry Cleaning, Grey’s…

I am feeling restless, very restless.   It probably has to do with being homebound for the week with sick kids.  It probably has to do with needing to see color again, needing spring to come.  It probably has to … Continue reading


The Lesson…

Usually the hardest part of my day is from 3:15 pm till we get home.  It is usually filled with meltdowns, excitement, complaint, tears and request for food of the unhealthy variety. The greatest thing that worked for me was … Continue reading

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My Sick Baby!

This morning the three boys that were home sick seemed to have turned the corner.  They were rambunctious and loud and all over my bed.  Yes!  They are finally on the tail end of this.  Life will be back to … Continue reading

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Can I Ask You A Personal Question?

Today it seems that people hide within themselves so much.  We are always trying to put the image of perfection forward.   Do you remember when you were little and your family would just pop over for a visit to … Continue reading

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Hockey!  It is a word that takes a lot of space in my life.   I climbed and rolled off six bodies all sprawled on my bed.  They are all there watching Team Canada play the sport that makes their world. … Continue reading

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I love being mommy 95% of the time.  Last night we were in bed, I was snuggling with my youngest two as they burned up with fever.  Suddenly I hear something that sounded like a pipe burst and all this … Continue reading

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Don’t Talk to Strangers…

I grew up listening to Christian radio.  Many song from the 70s and 80s that cause my peers to start wiggling hips and belt out lyrics with fondness leave me clueless.  As I grew older, I have learned groups and … Continue reading

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Going For Gold!

The Olympics are here!  I love the Olympics.  It always motivates me to be want to be an athlete.  I can dream, can’t I? My favourite is the ski jumping!  It leaves me breathless to image flying in the air … Continue reading

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Happy I Love You Day!

Today is Family Day!  Sanj is home, everyone is vegetating and relaxing in their different way.  Sanj’s family will be over later to skate and eat a yummy meal that my mother-in-law is bring. No cooking, relaxing and having everyone … Continue reading

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Instant Birth Control!

I have written many a blog about my youngest, my sweet Joshua. I love him to pieces.  He is a special gift to me.  I just know that God has huge plans for him. Here’s the thing… I am 41 … Continue reading

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I Am Weird….

I went to the gym today!  Hurrah for me!  OK… not really a big deal, if you are one of those disciplined people.  God forgot the pass me that trait when He was handing them out.  I even succeeded in … Continue reading

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It’s Tuesday night.  I think it is my least favorite night of the week.  Sanj has guitar after work and the older two boys always have a later hockey game.  That leaves me busy with supper, homework and bedtime.  I … Continue reading

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