I Am Weird….

I went to the gym today!  Hurrah for me!  OK… not really a big deal, if you are one of those disciplined people.  God forgot the pass me that trait when He was handing them out.  I even succeeded in eating well.  Just a few more hours… those hard hours… to pass with flying colors till tomorrow.

I guess now that I am getting closer to mid-40s rather than just turned 40, it is crunch time.  I can choose  to be a frumpy 40 something or I can really make a huge effort to be a 40 something that looks like 30 something.  (So… could you please pray for me… I really want this bad).

I decided to go the healthy route.  Baby steps at a time.  Whole grains (ugh… I love my Wonder bread), high fibre, dark colored fruits and veggies and water.  Yes, I do know all the things to do to get healthy…
I am taking the boys on this journey.  I am really trying to say no fast food except on the weekend.  I am only buying brown bread so that I will eat it or not.  I am reading labels and really trying to make this a family endeavour.

After my workout, I got a bunch of those annoying little errands done… returns, dropped off dry cleaning and bought an iron that doesn’t ruin my hubby’s clothes and cause him great disturbation every morning (this may not be real word but it should be… meaning the causing of great disturbance).

I went to the book store, which always takes way too much time… yet is one of my favourite places to hang out.  While in line, there was a mom and new baby in a car seat all snuggled up.  (It made me miss that for a moment… the tiny hands, the baby smell and the mouth that does not know to talk yet).   Another customer that was gaga-ing over the babe said, “I wish they had car seats for adults.”  I said, “They do… they are called wheelchairs.”  We just go back to the beginning again… just not to cute and  nice smelling.

I had lunch with a friend, did some banking and got some groceries.   I chatted with my brother, who is dealing with the effects of snowmegdon in Maryland.  That made grocery shopping least painful.

We were chatting about high school.  He basically feels “so what if high school sucked… get over it.”
Here’s my thing… just the fact that he can say that means life was pretty ok for him.  Yes, he had moments that sucked, especially being excluded due to not having money… but he was a cool kid.

I am over it.  But just like other bad and good moments, it is life altering.  Hum… is it?  I think so.  If I didn’t understand being excluded due to whatever factors, if I didn’t feel the angst of being different, if I just accepted it and moved on… I wouldn’t be me today.  I don’t think I live my life  being exclusive.
I hate that.  I hate watching someone being left out due to money, race, life status or simply because they are weird.

I am weird.  I don’t care anymore.  Weird… different, unique… ah, there are many labels for me.  Bring it on.  I was called quirky a few years ago by a friend’s husband.  I can home totally bothered by that label.
Sanj was so matter of fact about it.  “You are quirky.  I love that about you.”  He said a lot more stuff but the bottom line is I am not normal.  I am OK with that.  🙂

I love having all sorts of people in my world… even the weird and most annoying.  It makes my world go around.

So… I told my brother that he can’t join the “I was a loser in high school,” group.  He would have to find his own.  I can think of a few…. lol

So… I am past high school but it really is a piece of me that will always be there.

As I end this blog, let me tell you about my new purchase… The Slap Chop!  I have been watching the commercial and yearning for one.  (Yes, I am an easy target and the exact type of person for whom informercials are made for)!  Anyway, while doing my errands, I saw the Slap Chop at Zellers.  I was so excited!  It was $19.99 but I didn’t get the free one, as in the commercial.

Of course Sanj teased me as I called him about my find.  The boys were immediately drawn to it yet I wanted to christen it after reading the directions, etc.  My sweet hubby comes home and immediately goes for the Slap Chop, sarcastically  saying, “Let’s see how good this Slap Chop  works…”  Slap, slap, slap!  It’s actually pretty good.  He was trying to take it apart to rinse it (without reading the directions) to slap chop Josh’s red pepper.

All of a sudden I hear  “Oh $%#@#%!”  He Slap Chopped his hand.   I read him the directions… “Not a toy… dangerous… “

His hand is OK… my Slap Chop has been christened… and all is well.

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