It’s Tuesday night.  I think it is my least favorite night of the week.  Sanj has guitar after work and the older two boys always have a later hockey game.  That leaves me busy with supper, homework and bedtime.  I don’t mind that part as much as I mind the boys not being able to wake up the next morning because of hockey.

As soon as the boys get home, they are on the computer, chatting with their friends.  They were with them all day!  What could the possible need to chat about a.s.a.p.?  Yet I remember my parents saying the same thing when we would be on the phone.  So I zip it.  I guess this is a form of decompressing after school.

Some use the computer, others watch t.v. and others are out on the rink.  They are all so different.  I have some that will do their homework right away, others after supper and some right before bed.

It’s spaghetti with meatball and cucumbers for supper.  Nice and easy.  5/6 love spaghetti.  Max isn’t sure what he likes aside from Indian food.  He is a picky child when it comes to food.  He is such a funny boy.  I would say that he is full of confidence and so easy going.  I have often said he was my gift from God… a calm one in the midst of the storm.

This picture is of the poster had was carrying around during the Grade 8 vs Staff game.  Most kids had banners about the team they were cheering.  Not my Max… his poster was about him:  “Max Is Awesome!”  Then he went around parading that he was awesome, giggling the whole time you couldn’t be disturbed as to whether or not he was really conceited.  What a funny boy he is!

I have a huge pile of clean laundry on my bed that I have to put away tonight.  It really is too big to dump on the floor… so this is my project while watching American Idol tonight.

I am typing right now so I won’t go looking for some chocolate or something in that family.
Hopefully I will make it to the gym tomorrow, providing that no child of mine pukes.  As I went down the hall in the boys school, there on the floor was a puddle of vomit.  Pink and blue.  My stomach has not stopped heaving since I saw it.  Ugh.  I could not clean up someone else’s stomach contents.  Thank goodness for people who can.

The troops are looking for me… so I am off!  Enjoy your night!

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