I am Reema Sukumaran.

I am wife to a very loving, patient, generous, supporting, super smart, handsome man.

I am mom to six incredible amazing sons who make my world go round and then some.

I love to write.  It is a passion.  It is my release.  It is the best way for me to figure things out.  I love taking pictures.  I love photographing my children living life as only they can.

I love my God.  He has been so good to me.  You will read about  it, God’s faithfulness often, in my blog.

I am sister and daughter and part of a crazy, dysfunctional family.

I am friend to many.  I am grateful for the friendships that have seen me through many a rough time.  I am alway ready to make new friends.

Thank you for visiting my website.  I love hearing from you, so please leave a comment!

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  1. Mary Blair says:

    So nice to meet you today! I couldn’t wait to get home to read your blog! Frosty Face Plant – what a great way to begin my journey of getting to know you.
    Thank you so much for sharing! I look forward to being a “regular” visitor to you blog!


  2. Coo says:

    Are you a devout Christian? And why do you have so many children?

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