Can I Ask You A Personal Question?

Today it seems that people hide within themselves so much.  We are always trying to put the image of perfection forward.  

Do you remember when you were little and your family would just pop over for a visit to friends houses?  That kind of thing doesn’t seem to happen as much.  We always have to compare calendars and see what works.  If you are lucky, you will connect with in the next couple of weeks.

I miss that spontaneous popping over that releases me from cleaning the house before you come over and plan what to feed you.  I would just have to laugh and say “Welcome to my real life… excuse the mess.”  I would offer you a drink, it may just be water.  We would have a lovely visit and wonder why we don’t do this more often?

I wonder why there are so many lonely people in the midst of being with people.  Do you know what I mean?  You could go to a party with a houseful of people yet leave feel like you were alone.  You didn’t connect with anyone.

We seem to protect ourselves so much.  We are afraid, it seems, to say, “Hey, my kids are driving me nuts.”  Or  “I am so mad at my husband.  If he leaves his socks on the floor one more time…”

We are all so picture perfect!  Yet, are we really?

I love getting personal and intimate.  I love learning about you.  Of course, I know that means I have to share about me.  Bring it on.  

I went to a women’s retreat a while ago.  It was a bunch of moms in their 30 somethings.  We were in a cabin together, some of us knew each other and some not so well.  When we left, despite the fact that we were friends, we realized we didn’t really know each other… well until after that weekend.

It began with the question of “Can I ask you a personal question?”  Some of you know that is my line!
It was such a great weekend.  I discovered that I am not so different from the lady next to me that looks perfect.  We struggle with the same kinds of  things!  The ladies from that weekend are so connected forever.  We shared.  We connected.  We may not hanging out now as much but those ladies that were there are people that I have to be real with.  I know it is safe because we are all the same.

We guard our lives so closely that there is often times no room to allow someone in.  If we did, we may realize that perfection is relative.

What am I saying?  Trying be a little more open.  Move over and make room for someone… ask the personal questions… find out about someone.  Be ready to answer back.

Go ahead… Ask me a personal question!

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One Response to Can I Ask You A Personal Question?

  1. Sandy says:

    I don't have a personal question (yet), but I do have a comment.

    I completely relate to what you say. Life used to be the way you describe…many years ago. Popping over to a friend's house became more difficult as my family grew. I too am a mom of 6, 3 girls and 3 boys. But mine are grown. I'm not in the 30 something group anymore, approaching the 50 something one. Even visiting my kids and their families seems to require an appointment. I have a good relationship with them now, wasn't always so, but everyone is so busy with their own families.

    But being with my kids, even though they are now adults, isn't the same as my peers. I find myself really wanting friends, the kind I can open my heart up to and talk about anything – even if we view that subject in very different ways.

    My life experiences has shaped a lot of the loneliness I feel today. Too many broken promises, too much shattering of my heart. I keep as busy as I can, but the loneliness is always in the background. I am grateful for my relationship with God, otherwise I don't know what I would do.

    I like your openness. Thanks for asking your question.