Come Soon…. Please!

I had a friend over today for lunch.  It was so lovely.  As we talked about the pains of people in our community, we were talking about Heaven.  Maybe I am getting old but life … it is so full of stuff.  There is so much hurting, sickness and pain.  There is so much in lives that are empty and many don’t have a clue of how to fill that void.

When I feel like that, I go to food.  It feels so good for the moment and then I want to hit myself over the head.  Lately, as the boys were struggling with the stomach flu, I couldn’t help but think… how bad would it be to vomit after eating?  Surely I wouldn’t be one of those people that couldn’t stop…  just enough to lose some of the weight and then I would stop.  Where do these thoughts come from?

In one of my boys classes there was the issue of cutting one’s self.  It became a cool thing to do when one was upset.  I don’t think many did it as much as talked about it… but when was that the answer and where did these thoughts come from?

There is drinking… it does what?  Relaxes and takes the edge off?  This is not appealing to meal, as I don’t like the taste of alcohol but I get the whole idea of looking for a way to take the edge off.

I don’t know what the answer is as each passing year, life becomes more crazy and pressure filled for many.  I see sadness and true despair in beings that don’t even know how to help themselves anymore.  How do you show someone that they are beautiful and full of worth?  How do you show someone that they are not a loser?  How do you get someone to stop calling themselves that?

I get it.  I was there.  I have been through the journey from loserville to believing that I am awesome (most of the time), that I am a prized child of God.  I believe that it is all about me… that God in His awesomeness handles all the stresses and strife in the world… yet… He is all about me, too. I believe He is caring about finding me a parking spot when I need it, He is about answering my weather prayers, my prayers about mistakes that I made and now need His help bailing me out…. He is all about me!

I love Him so much.  I have a small minded faith.  I love God!  He loves me!  How do you help someone find confidence in their self?  How do you help someone see that GOD MAKES ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL!  It is imperfect when we see it thorough our eyes.  I can only imagine His frustration when we bring down His creation… when we bring down ourselves.

Today… I am saying a prayer… it is for you… yes, you, my friend, that you stop judging your self-worth through eyes of sinful souls.  You are beautifully and wonderfully made.  Imagine how much God must cherish you, His creation!

Today … I am saying a prayer for you, my friend x 3… that each of you find your job and fulfillment that you seek.  Lord, please lead my friend on their journey.

Today…. I pray for you… hurting, scared, tired and confused.
You are not alone.

Jesus, please come soon.  Please be with my friends as they are seeking and searching.  Hold their hand. Let them feel Your mighty presence.

I love you!

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One Response to Come Soon…. Please!

  1. Sandy says:

    Thank you Reema,

    I too have traveled the past of, well, what my counselor called "self-loathing" to one of believing I have worth and to God I have no price. I still struggle at times, especially with these dang hormones getting in the way.

    I like the way you said it is all about you. I have never heard it put that way. Usually, that refers to the selfishness of others, but you put it in such a way that shines the love of God into it.

    What I heard was not "the world is all about me" but rather "my relationship with God is all about me". And it is.