What’s Wrong?

Here’s the thing… I am suffering from PMS.  It is not a pretty thing.  When I get to heaven, I really do have some questions to ask God.  For example… Eve ate the apple… I get that … how come ALL of us have to suffer?  Couldn’t the _itchy ones that are horrible people, moms that smoke or drink when pregnant or abandon their babes have PMS?  Could men not have it at least one a year?

Since I was a teen, every single month (minus 6×9 months) have I had misery.  It hurts.  A lot.  I feel like someone has taken a thousand knives and keeps twisting them in my belly.  If I am really lucky, I get reminded of back labour  that I had the privilege of having 6 times.  That feelings like bits of broken glass that has been pressed into my back and someone keeps walking on it.  Once in university, I passed out in the bathroom of the grocery store from the pain of the cramps.  911 was called.  It still stays on as one of my most humiliating experiences… cramps… people… I just had cramps!

For me, day 2-3 are the worst.  Yes, I have tried many a thing.   Right now, nothing is working.
The fact is that I tell Sanj it’s that time.  He acknowledges and then I see him tuning me out.  He doesn’t want to know anymore.  All he knows is he is out of luck for the next week.  I know he is not listening about my cramps from hell.  He is not listening to that fact that I am miserable.  He just looks uncomfortable.  You would think after 15 years of marriage…   126 times of the me he loves and knows being taken over by the ugly thing… he would know.

He knows it is that time.  I went into his office this morning, really suffering, needing bed and drugs.  I looked pretty bad, I am sure.  If I could be pale, I was.  He looks at me… and says, “What’s wrong?”

Seriously?  WHAT IS WRONG????  That question makes me so  #@!% mad!!! What the  @#$% do you think is wrong?  He asks this of me every month!  EVERY MONTH!!!

The man is working on his Doctorate!  He has an IQ of a genius! Yet every month I get, “What is wrong?”


Sanj grew up with no sisters.  I am not sure if he will learn that there is a certain time of the month that you don’t ask what is wrong!  You don’t ask, “Is it that time?”  Keep a calender.  Be intuitive.  Understand that any kind of touching… ANY KIND is not really welcomed or wanted.  Well… a kosher back rub is probably o.k.  Also understand it is not personal.  In a few days, you will be loved again.  Chocolate… is the best medicine.  Carbs are needed.  The moods… the anger and annoyance… it can’t be helped.  It is a demon that takes over and there is no action that works except riding out the ride.

I don’t hide the fact that it is that time from my boys.  They all know!  They all know not to touch me or jump on me.  They all know that cramps are not fun.  I keep asking them… “Do you know what cramps are?”  They quickly respond, “Yes… ” and run.  My boys have no sisters.  So I want to make sure they understand that there is a time in women’s lives that we have to pay for eating that ^%$ fruit.  If we are going to pay… they are going to pay.

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One Response to What’s Wrong?

  1. Sandy says:

    Me too Reema!

    I am going through peri-menopause and with me is means everything is on the INCREASE!! I just spoke with my Dr. today. Will this ever end? I just spent the last two days crying over EVERYTHING. Look at me and I cry. Ask me what I want for lunch and I cry. Ask me if I'm ok and I flood the place. Two days of this torture. I finally started feeling like I could reconnect with sanity last night.

    The guys certainly have it easy. They think it's hard on them??? Get out of my face, make your own meals and don't expect any productivity from me til it passes.