Proud To Be A Canadian!

I am a Canadian, a proud one at that!  We are a country that has shone!  How wonderful to see the country’s GLOWING HEARTS!  It was a perfect end … bringing home the GOLD!  I was mesmerized to watch my family  sit/stand with bated breath.

There are so few moments where one can feel true joy… when that puck went into the net in overtime… the look on my men was beautiful!  It is such a part of their dream.  They will always remember where they were when Canada brought GOLD home.

The Olympics was a great thing for us.  It made us stand up and be proud of who we are…  we are a polite, quieter, friendly kind of people.  We say we are sorry when we are wrong.  We can laugh at our selves when we make a mistake.   We are proud of all that makes us Canadian.
It was a good day.  It is a great day to be Canadian.

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