Picky Picky Nose Picker!

Dropping like flies… did I not just blog about only one being home?  They are coming to me… “Mommy, my tummy is hurting.”


My 13 year old is sound asleep before 7:30 p.m.
My 4 year old is sound asleep but just from having a great day at school.
My 8 year old, you know the one with the fever, is out on the backyard rink.  It can only be good for him, I am thinking.

Can I ask a personal question?  OK… I am warning you it is a bit crass…  how do you teach your kids to wipe their bottoms till it is clean?  I am walking around, sniffing, smelling a smell that is not so pleasant.
Ugh!  BATH NOW!!!

Can I tell you another gross one?  I hate going into a bathroom, like at school, and there is a toilet where someone went #2 yet there is no toilet paper and they forgot to flush!

I am on a roll so why stop… what about picking your nose and eating the find?Did you do that when you were little?  OK, Tell the truth?
I am embarrassed to say I can remember doing to once… I don’t think it was a habit… but I do remember it being kind of gross and salty.

Maybe I should start a Fan Club on Facebook for If You Were A Nose Picker and Ate It?!!!
Seriously… why?
One of my boys actually told me that he picked his ear  (it was waxy) and tried to eat it but it was smelly!

Seriously… the things that I see with the boys… the things that I smell with the boys… oye!
Sorry … I apologize.  I am just tired and wanting to write.  This is what came to mind.  I dare you to comment if you ate your boogers!

By the way, did you know if you picked your boogies and ate them, that it is good for you?!!!  lol
(Google it!)
You are welcome!

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4 Responses to Picky Picky Nose Picker!

  1. Trish says:

    I have 2 boys and I think they are great and gross all at the same time. I have no idea how to get them to wipe until clean…when you figure it out please let me know. I do know that I told them that is they pick their boogers and eat them it is like eating dirt and snot….My 12 year old caught on quick my 8 year old still tries to hide it as he picks his nose… I love reading your blog it brought a smile to my face…I can't wait to read more!!!!

  2. Reema Sukumaran says:

    Thanks Trish! lol I appreciate your comments. Yes, boy are very special! lol I feel as if I am in a constant state of laughing out loud and yet ready to cry! Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Sandy says:

    I have thought about this posting of yours for days…..

    Would I have the nerve to answer???

    The answer is yes, as a kid I did do it…. can't quite say it, but I admit I did it. Got in trouble too, big trouble, so it did not become a habit.

    I do remember craving salt, still do sometimes. As a kid I would pour salt into the palm of my hand and eat, got in trouble for that too. Now I just choose salty foods. And no, my blood pressure is fine.

  4. Reema Sukumaran says:

    Aw Sandy… don't be embrassed… I know there are plenty of us! lol I don't remember doing it for long either! Thanks for being so honest! lol