S.A.D., Stomach Bug, Dry Cleaning, Grey’s…

I am feeling restless, very restless.   It probably has to do with being homebound for the week with sick kids.  It probably has to do with needing to see color again, needing spring to come.  It probably has to do with pressure that I have within to do a bunch of stuff but not knowing where to start.

I could go on… but I won’t.  Today, after being at home since Sunday evening, I decided we needed to go out.  Just Zach was left being sick.  He seemed to be feeling better.  His fever seemed to be gone, according to the thermometer.  I thought we would meet Sanj for lunch and do a few errands.

Off we go.  We made a quick stop at Costco to fix my glasses and I got a book.  This was my cheapest Costco bill ever!  Another quick stop to get my charger for my phone and we headed for lunch.  Sanj already had a lunch date so it was just Zach and I.

We chatted with the waitresses who have become extended members of the family.  As we ordered, I saw that Zach was going downhill fast.   His fever was back and he was ready to sleep.  We managed to eat bits of our lunch.  We went to Sanj’s clinic and made ourselves a bed of coats and Zach fell asleep.  (There wasn’t that much time to go home and I was trying to get Zach in to see the doctor).

My stomach has been gurgling.  I feel pregnant.  I had nausea and major dry heaving happening  today and with most of my pregnancies.  Sammy was the only one who actually made me throw up.  Since I know this is going around, I won’t waste money on a pregnancy test! lol

So, it’s Thursday evening… I picked up pizza and a veggie platter for the boys.  I would like nothing then to get into bed and pretend there is only me to worry about.   

I would feel bad/guilty when my day was so light with not too much stress as my husband is off slaving in the office.  I realized that it is like shift work for me.  3-11 p.m. the prime hours of my work.  It is non-stop from the time the munchkins get into the van till the last one is asleep.  (Having a teenager around, some times he isn’t in bed much sooner then we are)!

Tonight I have given the older ones fair notice… 8:30 p.m. is the bedtime.  All phones and electronic devices are confiscated.  BED!  I am tired of the nagging  that has to occur to get them out of their beds and on the move!

(It’s a Grey Night tonight)!

I spoke to quite a few people today.  Wow… there are a lot of us that are down, sad and feeling grey.
This whole SAD thing sucks.  I really thought how could the weather/season effect one so badly… but now I am thinking of going and buying a happy light.

I also think that it is because I have not had any me time… and am in need of a girls night out/ even a weekend.

Right now I am laying on a freshly dry cleaned comforter.  It smells so good.  Makes me kind of wonder what smells were on it before!  Gross, I know! lol  Speaking of dry cleaning, the other day I decided to take all of Sanj’s work clothes that were on the floor and chair in our room and dry clean them.  It was quite a bundle.  I was feeling pleased that he would be happy that I did this.

He was.  Until the next morning, “Reema, you took every single pant I have!”  Bahahhahhah!  He was not impressed but the boys and I were stifling laughs as he walked around looking for something that wasn’t sweats or jeans.  The bill came to an outrageous amount!  Suddenly, I wasn’t laughing!  Why is dry cleaning so expensive?  I better leave some of his clothes on the floor next time.

Caution…  OK, I hear people saying, “I read your blog…”  Suddenly I feel the pressure to not bore them. I apologize ahead of time if this has bored you.  I just needed to write.  Sometimes I don’t write because I worry what others will think when they read it… but really I write for me… and appreciate and am flattered if others have taken the time to read.

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5 Responses to S.A.D., Stomach Bug, Dry Cleaning, Grey’s…

  1. Sandy says:

    I love your writings, please don't ever stop. I am so glad to have found you. I am smiling right now, your "boring" day is oh so familiar to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. In fact, my SAD day has been uplifted by you.

    God bless you and your family, and I hope for you, your sickness turns out for you what you want it to be. Does that make any sense?


  2. Anonymous says:

    It would be wonderful if you were pregnant!!! Do let us know if the nausea has evolved into something other than the stomach flu….love you Reema!

  3. Reema Sukumaran says:

    Well, my friends, Anonymous and Sandy…
    I AM NOT PREGNANT! It IS the stomach bug! lol
    Oh my gosh… you are freaking me out! No more babies for this 40 something mom!
    Thanks for the best wishes!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bummer…well, I gave it my best shot! Who says you're too old to still have babies; 40, you're still young Reema!

  5. Sandy says:

    I know how you feel Reema. I was so terrified of getting pregnant after my 6th I got my tubes tied. End of story. I was done. I was 39 at the time. 20 years later, I do not regret the decision. I'm not advising you to do that, not my call in any way, shape or form, I'm just saying I understand the fear of another pregnancy. That is why I said it the way I did. I hoped for you what YOU wanted.

    Did you know you are becoming a part of my life? I look forward each day to reading your next entry.