I love being mommy 95% of the time.  Last night we were in bed, I was snuggling with my youngest two as they burned up with fever.  Suddenly I hear something that sounded like a pipe burst and all this gushing of water.  Sammy yelled, “Mommy!!”

As I walked down the hall, I  saw a little pond at the base of the bed.  Brown gunk.  It took me a minute to process it.   Lots of chocolate Dairy Queen birthday cake from supper, except you could swim in it.

SANJ!!!  Vomit and I do not mix well.  This is a part of motherhood that I am so not cut out for!   Oh my goodness!  How can so much fit in a  body?  

I am home today with most of the boys home sick, down and out.  It  is a day I don’t mind as long as all body fluids stay in.  They are quieter, calmer and want to snuggle.  

Hopefully this is a 24/48 hour bug.  So all will be right in their world again.

After vomiting, my son came to me and said, “I lost 5 pounds.”
Oh dear!

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