Happy I Love You Day!

Today is Family Day!  Sanj is home, everyone is vegetating and relaxing in their different way.  Sanj’s family will be over later to skate and eat a yummy meal that my mother-in-law is bring.

No cooking, relaxing and having everyone home makes me happy and equals a perfect day.

Valentine’s Day came and went.  It was good.  It was stressful.  Each year, Sanj and I take turns planning the day.  He is so good at that kind of thing.  He is always creative and thoughtful.  

This year I felt the pressure.  I was clueless was to what to do.  Well, actually, I did have a plan.  We were going to go to Toronto for the evening and I was going to take him to The Top of the Senator.  This is a fancy jazz club that he always has talked of. I felt good.

As I told him my plans a few days ago, he said, “Oh, is it still open?”
I had googled it and seen it come up, so I wasn’t worried.  As I went to look for the phone number, I started seeing the year from —-to 2005.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
I called and a rude man told to it had been closed for 5 years.

This was Wednesday that my plans were dashed.  I hate Valentine’s Day!
All week I had nothing.  I am a last minute kind of girl.  I got him a couple of little things… that were more funny than anything.

I told the boys that we were going on a date in our bedroom… at 9 p.m. DO NOT DISTURB.  lol  The younger ones were in bed and the older ones seemed to get the gist of what that meant and looked disturbed. lol  Needless to say, there was no barging in.

I recreated the Top of the Senator in our room.  It was a nice quiet night.
Now I can’t wait for Valentine’s next year!  It better be good! lol

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