Going For Gold!

The Olympics are here!  I love the Olympics.  It always motivates me to be want to be an athlete.  I can dream, can’t I?

My favourite is the ski jumping!  It leaves me breathless to image flying in the air like that and nail that landing.  It is such a beautiful sight.

Can you imagine working your whole life for a moment?
The only thing I can compare this is with pregnancy.  You work hard for 9 months.  You eat the right stuff, you drink the right stuff, you breathe the right stuff… you work hard to be the best you can be.  Finally the moment arrives… you push, you breath, you cry, you may even scream and then the finish line is right there.  One More Push!  You soon hear the sound of victory!

My children are my great work to this point in life.  Even if I fulfill my career dreams, they will be the best thing I will have done.

The difference is that these athletes get to wear a beautiful medal around their neck.  With my kiddies, I often want to wring their necks.

 lol.  I love my babes!

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