Hockey, Skiing, Olympics!

Today I spent part of the day at the ski hill with some of the boys.  They had a great time!  Sammy was suppose to spend the day there with some friends, who didn’t show up.  (That did not impress me very much either)!  So Sammy called to see if any of his brothers want to go with him.  Zach, who loves any time with Sammy, of course jumped at the chance.

I figured I may as well stick Josh in a lesson and stop Sanj from nagging me to do so.  Josh loved it!  The hour lesson was nothing for him.  I was sure he would be tired and stressed.  Nope!  Sammy took him up once and swore never again…  Josh just wanted to go again.  I stuck him in another hour lesson.  There went my wad of cash.  Not a cheap sport!

As I picked him up at the end of his lesson, he wanted to know if he could go every day?  I thought, “Hum, this is maybe how Shaun White started!”  (Did I mention that the boy does not stop talking)?

All in a day.  They are tired and tuckered.  They are eagerly awaiting the Team Canada vs Team Us hockey game.  Oh, the stress of it!

A new week!  Snow is in there forecast… hopefully it will make the place nice and white and take away the dirty look.  Nothing like the East Coast has though!

Sanj was cooped up in his office all afternoon after hockey.  Ugh.  Tests and class stuff.  I did not see him all day.  Mid April is the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is the end of his degree and the end of the hockey season!  Yah!

Yes, I know, then there is summer hockey and golf, and soccer.  I am good with that though.  It will be warm, sunny and nice!

I took Max to his game on Friday night.  I took a book and had hopes of reading, watching and resting.  I was still feeling under the weather.  Nope, his team is full of very friendly talkative folks.  They love their hockey.  They are forever in tournaments in little towns with a rink and nothing else.  They seemed appalled that I just realized we were in the play offs.  Oop, sorry folks.

Ah… it is all good.  Now to make it a perfect weekend…


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