It’s supper time… Tyler has a couple of friends over for supper and then they will head off to Youth Group.  Sanj is on his way home… he is picking up take out for me for supper from one of our favourite Indian restaurants.  Jordan is away with is class till Friday.

Our house feels different with one gone.  Sammy is off somewhere napping.  It is what he does a lot.  Josh is walking around with his wet pants because he couldn’t bother getting up and going to the bathroom.

I wanted to clarify something, since I have been asked a few times about it.  Please know when I write about my sweet, wonderful, dearly loved husband, it is with his full consent.  It is usually in jest and fun.  He usually laughs and supports my blogs.

I also want to say that I am fine even when I am venting about the woes of my children or life in general… I am just writing and sharing my journey.  It is what I do.  I really hope that I am not coming off as whining.  That would be bad.  I am blogging life as I live it.  I love all your comments and thoughts and prayers.  The good Lord knows I need all the help I can get.

That said, I had a day that was spent with ladies.  Friends.   Girl friends.  One of my friends told me to lean on my girl friends.  I realize that this is  probably where I do lack.  One of the things I really struggle with as a mom of all boys is related to interests.

Here’s what I mean… I have already said many a time, I am not athletic.  It is not  an interest or passion.  Yet I have 6 (soon to be 7) males that love the sports.  As I go to games, I see these moms there, they never miss a game.  They don’t want to miss a game.  They bring all their kids, not matter what hour, to the games.  They love it.

Me, if the truth be told, I really don’t love it.  I barely like it.  I do love watching the boys play on occasion.  I love the tournaments.  I love the finals.  It’s like the NHL or NFL… I hate the games all season.  But I will pick a team at playoff and cheer them on.  I can handle it in bits.

At the boys hockey games, I do love watching them play.  They are really good players in their various areas.  I really don’t care to watch the whole game… kids I really don’t know… and I usually take a book.  I have my system. I know who to sit by.  I know which parent coaches the kids through the glass and doesn’t seem to realize they can’t hear.   So I know when my kid is on, I’ll hear them coaching them.

I love when they score a goal.  I feel their delight.  I feel their frustration when they miss.  I feel the game for them.  Do I love it?  Um, honestly, no.  Sigh.  I wish I could love sports.  I really do.  

Take golf, I find putting and hitting a ball into a hole that one can’t even see, pointless.  Yet, I love driving  the cart and putting on the cute outfits.  I love that the boys have a passion for a sport that will serve them well in the real world, someday.

So, I struggle with being thrilled that my boys love hockey, golf, basketball, etc yet feeling guilty that I am not one of those moms that can really be called a true hockey mom.  For me, there really is such a thing as TOO MUCH HOCKEY.

I feel bad for not sharing the passion that they do.  I can only handle it in small dosages.

So, I realize that so often, living with 7 males, as much as I love and adore them, I lose myself.  Would I pick Indiana Jones?  No, I’d rather watch Pretty Woman again.  Would I like a meal of ribs and steak?  No, I would prefer a wrap.  Do I want to wrestle till someone is hurt? No, I’d rather cuddle.  Yup, I said it, cuddle!  

I love doing many things that they will never have a interest in.   I am thankful that they like to shop, especially when it is all about them.  I have some that like scrap-booking, when we find that time to do so.  I have some that love to cuddle and watch a movie.

I guess what I am saying is sometimes the girlie me gets lost.  I forget about her.  I guess that is where the advice of hanging on to my girlfriends comes up…  I need to make time to allow that girl in me to breath… with out the smell of hockey equipment suffocating me.

So on this note… I am off to work on plans for a Women’s Retreat with the ladies at our school.  (March 26-28th… mark your calenders)!

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