It’s Going To Be A Good Day!

Today is a morning that my babes are tired.  My eyes are burning from waking up too early!  I would be tempted to let them sleep in and go to school later if Jordan wasn’t leaving on a class trip this morning.

Last night while I took Sammy and Tyler to their hockey game, I went and indulged in a Baskins & Robbin’s mint chocolate chip sundae with hot fudge, whipping cream and pecans.  Yum!  A fix for the  blues I was feeling!  You can see why I am a diabetic, eh?
Today is going to be a better day.  First of all, Sanj comes home.  That alone makes it all better!
Second, I know what we will have for supper tonight, so that is a check of the list.  Salmon with Caesar Salad. Now, if only I could fit a nap in there, it would be perfect! lol
Last night at hockey, I heard another story of a mom that up and left her kids.  She just left them… there is not a father in the picture either.  People from church took the children in and are raising them.  How does that happen?
I guess if a mom (or parent in general) can walk away like that, the child is better off without them.  Maybe.
Tomorrow we are having a Hot Lunch for Haiti at the boys school.  It is a simple way to allow everyone to help.  The food is being donated by Mr. Bouzelos from The Pizza Factory.  Such generosity!  If you need a day off from cooking please check The Pizza Factory  out!  So tomorrow, for a minimum donation of $3 the kiddies get a bowl of spaghetti and a roll and parents get the day off making a lunch!

It is all good.  Life is good.  Today is going to be a good day!

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