Too Much… Too Little…

Do you ever get tired of the rush?  I am tired of the rush.  It is that time where we should be getting into the van to be on-time for school.  Yet then I will be yelling and yapping that endless sing song I do ever morning that really has no impact.

I can’t wait for break.  Any kind of break.  No alarm clock, which is actually pretty useless since I just shut it off and sleep another hour!

Oh well… this is the kind of life we live … it comes with the perks of education, the luxuries of food, money and comforts.  I am not in the midst of rubble, wondering if it is worth it…. wondering where I will find water… Can you imagine 4500 children will die in one day from water related issues?

As Josh was brushing his teeth, wondering around, waiting for his toothbrush to say, “Good Job,”  the sink  has water running non stop.

Last night as I got home, reminded the kids for the umpteen time  to take in their backpack, mitts, hats… another sing song that means nothing… I went to the back of the vehicle to grab a handfull of bags.
It was one of those moments that happened in slow motion in my head.  Yet before I could even utter a four letter word, I felt my feet give way and I found myself doing a major butt plant on the ice.

OK… it was a hard fall.  I was pretty sure I broke my butt.  I couldn’t move.  I wasn’t sure if I was even alive.  The boys come rushing out… Mommy!!!  Some go into the house, “Daddy!!! Mommy fell!”
After 6 kids, you know what happens to your bladder when you laugh or go on the trampoline?  Well then, you can imagine what the force of my not so light frame did to my bladder.  Sanj thought it was snow.  Nope.

Yet as I hobbled up the stairs to change and take inventory of my body parts, I couldn’t help think of the little ones pulled out of the rubble, with no where to go.

Yes, it is a rushed, fast pace busy life.  Yet, how can I complain?  I can’t.
 I can only be grateful.  I have so much that makes my life full.
We have too much at times.
Then they have too little.
What is there to complain about?

How I could just bring this little boy home!  He looks like a perfect fit add to the craziness of my boys!

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One Response to Too Much… Too Little…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for putting this all in perspective for us. Life can change in a heartbeat.We must choose to be grateful for what God has given us and use it to bless others instead of always focusing on what we want.