Today I spent some time at the boys school helping clean out the kitchen.

Here’s the thing, I wouldn’t have done have that stuff even at home!
How come it is so much easier cleaning outside my home?

Do you ever wonder where stuff comes from?
I have baskets of stuff that I never use… yet can’t seem to throw away either.
Have you ever walked into someone’s house that has just the furniture out?
Where is their piles?  How do you not have piles?
I have piles… piles of bills that I feel if I don’t open then they can’t scream at me…
I have piles of laundry.  Some clean and folded.  Some dirty and waiting.
I have piles of stuff that need to be sorted into give away or garbage.
I have piles of shoes… waiting for someone to use them… or really needing to be tossed.
I have piles of cords… do you know what I mean?  Cords for this and that yet we need seem to use them.
I have piles of dog doo doo that needs to be cleaned up.  Anyone?

So when I walk into someone’s house and their are no piles… I can’t help but almost hate them.
That’s bad, right?  Yeah, I know.

The problem is that kind of person that has no piles is so organized and has self control.  So usually, they are skinny because they don’t pile their food to ridiculous portions.  They are neat.  Their cars are perfect inside.  They grocery shop probably one a week… they are people that drive me crazy.

I want to be that person… sigh.  I am a work in progress, I suppose.
Thank You, Jesus for not giving up on me!
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One Response to Stuff

  1. Anonymous says:

    I too want to be a person with no 'piles'………but I choose to believe that sleeping or eating or shopping or playing is more important that sorting the 'pile'!