The Boogie Man

It is 9:19 p.m.  I was happily relaxing in my bed snuggled up with Max, watching American Idol.  The two younger ones have been down for a bit.  Sanj and the older 3 are at hockey.

My peacefulness is disturbed by sounds downstairs.  At first I think it is just a pot resettling in the cupboard.  Yet I continue to hear sounds.  My heart is racing… my head is pounding.  I am scared.  I am the world’s biggest chicken.  My jaws are hurting from tension.

What if someone is in the house?  I call Sanj.  He is not too helpful.  He thinks that one of the dogs are loose out of their crate and making a mess.  (Did I mention he is a bit OCD?)  He told me to go check it out.

Is he crazy?  He knows I am not going down till he gets home.  He calls me again.  “Are you OK?” he asks.  Um… NOOOOOO!   He says, “Dial 911 and go down the stairs.”  Um… NOOOOOOOOO!
I tell him to just hurry up and get home.

Here’s the thing… I am a chicken.  I don’t even really listen to the news because it will likely cause me stress.  We live out in the boonies… Where is the nearest police?

I remember on the news (when I was young) a story about the bad guy breaking into people’s homes, hiding under the bed and waiting till the climbed up, dangling their feet.  Then whack… he would cut their Achilles tendon.

Sick, eh?  To this day, my feet never dangle off my bed.  Just a rule.

I never get into my vehicle with out checking the back seat at night.  Crazy, eh?

I never sleep with the closet door open.  

I know.  I just fear things, rational and irrational.  Maybe I should get a gun and learn how to use it.  My dogs are quiet.  Maybe the bad guy gave them a piece of meat with a sleeping pill.  Yes, I know, I watched to many movies.  Turner and Hooch comes to mind.

Sigh.  I hear Sanj pulling up in the drive way.  My hero.  Now I’ll just wait for him to open the door… and yell at the mess the dogs made… or the bad guy.  If you don’t see a blog soon, you’ll know it was the bad guy.  If you see a blog post, you can send Sanj a sympathy card!

I am OK!  Apparently it was no one!  Sigh.  Good Night!
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One Response to The Boogie Man

  1. Rej says:

    my feet or arms never dangle off the bed either – Remember Poltergeist?
    I also keep the closet door closed and close the closet door in each of my kids rooms before they go to bed.
    I think it's part of being a child of the 80s- too many horror films.