Ice, Friends, A Long Weekend…

I had a great weekend once with my men.  Saturday afternoon after hockey,  we had friends over.  They were on the rink all day.  Literally!  Zach (my 7 year old) had to be at hockey at 9 a.m.  then he and his buddies were on the ice from 2-7 p.m. with maybe a half an  hour for supper.  Crazy, eh?

*** Just a side bar about Zach’s hockey game… he played goalie that morning.  Wow.  I hope none of my boys ever want to play that position.  Take about stress!!!

They had such a good time.  Sanj and the dad of the kiddies had a  great game with the older boys.  On the ice, age is obviously not taken into account. lol

Tyler had a friend over from his younger days.  It was so neat to see these two just pick up where they left off.  I could hear them laughing making prank calls about ordering Chinese food.

So, it was a good weekend.  It is topped off with no school today!  The house is quiet.  Everyone is off doing their thing.  

Last night it rained and rained.  So no rink for a bit but it was perfect sleeping weather.
Josh does not understand the meaning of sleeping in.  As soon as he sees a hint of daylight he is up, “Mommy, it isn’t night time anymore!”

I have been thinking so much about all the babes out there… not just in Haiti but around the world.  I asked Sanj if we win the lotto (I found a ticket on the ground the other day… ) could we adopt 6 little boys?

He said he would divorce me.  lol

So I am pretty sure I can adopt 2!!!   I love this man!

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