A Challenge…

Here’s the thing… as parents we want the best for our kids.  We want them to be happy,well rounded, and carefree.  We want their childhoods to be simple, safe and special.  We want them to have friends.  We want them to have memories of secrets with their buddies, sleepovers and share great times.

What about the child that does not have this?  I have heard this week alone, of parents that told their child not to be friends with so and so.  Not of any reason then what is made up in their heads.

Josh has already come home saying that this kid doesn’t like so and so… and this is from the parents.
In JK they are learning already to be exclusive and intolerant.

What happens to a child that suffers this loneliness all throughout school?  That sucks!
In 8th grade, when they graduate, do you think that they are leaving their childhood behind with warm fuzzy feelings?

It makes me sad.  I wonder how adults can live with that.  It is something that we know is wrong.
I try so hard to teach my children that  when someone is odd, different, hard to understand, many times, it isn’t their fault.  We live in an age where there are some many diagnosis’, where many can fall under a wide spectrum of various issues.  This is a child that needs to be included… even if it is hard.

Do you really think that someone wants to be different, difficult and friendless?

I hate when parents instruct the child to not play with someone.  I hate when someone puts themselves better than another.

I am really struggling with this.  I struggle with this as an adult.  Just because there are hard people, needy people, that may annoy or suffocate… these are folks that Jesus would love.  These are people that Jesus would choose to hang out with.  To share a cup of tea with someone, to give a half an hour of your time… you’d be amazed how good you feel not to mention what a gift you just gave someone else.

I realize that maybe I am rambling… and I am sorry.  I just have this thought and am not sure how to express it.  I think that if we each just loved those that are hard to love… it may be  surprising what comes out of that.

Here’s my challenge…. This week,  include one person, that we may not normally chose to hang out with… spend a half an hour…  and then share that experience… let’s see what happens.

Thoughts… don’t worry about what to chat about, they usually will talk… just ask a couple of questions…
“How was your weekend?”  or  “How was your day off with the kiddies?”

Are you in?
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2 Responses to A Challenge…

  1. Anonymous says:

    This issue breaks my heart. I long for my child to have a friend, to be included…. It's so hard to watch your child hurt and not be able to help.

  2. Reema Sukumaran says:

    I am sorry that this is an issue your child has to deal with. It is such a heartbreaking thing for a mother/father to watch.

    I think that this is where one equips their babe with feeling good in different areas. Maybe gymnastics or dance… maybe they can meet a friend in this environment where they share a hobby.

    I guess this is me trying to keep looking for answers.
    I also see my child attracted to those children that keep pushing him away.

    This stuff sucks… doesn't it.