Hockey, Brothers, Boys!

I am home from hockey, finally.  I have half an hour of my friday night left.
My broken bum is extremely sore.
I am tired.

I had a good day, though.  Josh and I went to visit two friends of his and the bonus is that their moms are my friends too.  

We came home and since Sanj was off pretty much within half an hour of getting home, supper was a simple affair for the boys and I.

I had the funniest evening with the boys.  Sammy went with Sanj  to help coach.  The other boys were laughing so loud.  I could hear Max talking on the phone.  Weird.  I thought this could only be trouble.

Sammy had downloaded his contacts from his phone on the computer.  Sammy’s younger brothers were up to no good.  They were calling girls from his contact.  They were saying that they were Sammy’s brother, Cornelius and Alfred.

Then they had these conversations with the girls.  It was so funny.  Some of the girls added them as their friend on Facebook.

It was that typical little brothers bugging the older brother’s friend.  Except they were brave because Sammy wasn’t home! lol

I saw it as the start of all that is coming.  Little brothers snooping on big brothers zone. 
I warned both of them, they have younger brothers to do the same to them!
Oh the fun!

Did you see the cutie pie picture of the little boy in my previous blog?  I realized something about me…
I really do not have a desire to adopt a girl.  The whole girl thing… maybe I just wanted a mini me. (Guess the good Lord knew better and spared me!)

Yet if we were to adopt, I think my pick would be a boy.  If I win the lotto… yes, I do play occasional… 
It’s kind of my vice.  I know you aren’t judging, right, as we will have some?

My point is if I came into money… the extra kind…  I would bring home a bunch of kids.  I would need help, of course, but money wouldn’t be an issue.  So I would just have to love them and mother them.
It breaks my heart to think of some so many kids with no love and no hugs from a mom and dad.  

This has always been a dream of mine.  Apparently it still is.

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