The Enforcer!

My alarm is set to beep at six every morning.  Every morning I hit the button to shut it up.  Every morning we are running late.

Sanj is away for a few nights in Toronto doing a course.  When he is home, the boys know not to bother coming in our bed.  He will shoo them out.  Of course, Josh is immune to his threats.  On occasion, Zach will come in the middle of the night.  I woke up to 4 bodies smothering me!  My legs are cramped from not stretching.  My eyes are burning… from the lack of a good sleep.  My husband’s presence makes him the enforcer!  Obviously me… I am a push over!

We did go to bed early.  I was asleep just after nine.  It was a busy evening.  Note to self:  Don’t do everyone’s haircuts on a school night by myself.

Today is a busy one too.  The older boys have hockey at 8:15 tonight.  Tyler has a high school open house before that.  Max has his speech rough draft due this week.  Zach will have reading and spelling words.  Tyler has a project he needs to complete.  Sammy has exams next week.  Did I mention Sanj is gone?

Aw… it is all good.  My sweet dear enforcer will be home in one more sleep!
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