September 23

There is 6 minutes left in this day that I was born… and I have to say that it was a wonderful day.

I love my birthday!

Is that weird?  So many people today made mention of how they love that I love my birthday… so I thought I would try and explain what it means to me…

Life… the first 20+ years was rough.  It had a lot of pain and disappointment despite the love that was there.  Then there was the next 20 years… lots of changing, growing and an abundance of love and blessings.  There were still many times of hard stuff… but I was changing and growing.

Maybe since I turned 40… I realized that it, life is what I make of it… the good, the bad and the really hard stuff… it’s all in my power to learn from those moments and grow from them.

My birthday has become a celebration of me… by me.  Is that weird?  Maybe.  Today, I had a wonderful day.  I went to the spa and had a massage (which was fabulous) and then a facial (which wasn’t as great).  Then Sanj and I had lunch and then I spent the few hours left writing at Sanj’s office.  I loved all the Facebook greetings.  I realized that it didn’t matter what I did today… because it really is a celebration of God’s faithfulness to me.

How I love my life today, at this moment.  It isn’t perfect.  Yet … I have a wonderful husband, whom I adore… and who loves me back.  I have 6 sons who makes my life a constant adventure… and they love me… just as I am … even when I am ugly.. they get over it and love me inspite of myself.  I have such joy… from all things that are in my everyday life… from my friends, family, my faith, my writing, my community… I could keep going…

Yet… really God has been SO GOOD TO ME.  Regardless of whether I deserve it, He has blessed me with abundance.  Even the hard stuff, the pain, the hurts and disappointments… He has showed me how to make them into huge blessings.

A birthday is a day that I can be so greatful for all the love and goodness that truly overflows from my heart… and today, I felt the love.  Today, I felt such gratitude for the gift of my life.  I am grateful that I am here.  Today… allows me to remember that.

It really is a Happy Birth-day!

Thank You, Jesus.

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  1. Emily says:

    You look so gorgeous in this picture. Happy birthday, again. So glad that it was a wonderful day/evening for you.

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