730 Pies, Craziness and Ostriches

What a crazy number of pies to make and who ever thought this up was a crazy genius!

Today I went grocery shopping to begin getting ready for the pie making craziness.

Here’s what was in my cart…

105 Kg of Flour

60 Kg of Shortening + another 30 Lbs

82 Kg of Sugar

8 dozen eggs

16 pounds of butter

It was quite a load and followed by lots of  “You must be doing a lot of baking…”  People are just naturally so curious.  I wish I had a flyer to pass to them and say, “Come buy a pie!”

I am feeling good about having all things into place.  I just am praying the helpers will come…  Faith.

I am also making a special offer of free delivery to my local blog readers if you buy 10+ pies of more.  Message me (sukreema@hotmail.com).

I am tired… and am so glad that tomorrow is Friday!  I have a morning of running around still for things like measuring cups, tarps for the floor where the apple peeling will occur, picking up the pie pans and boxes… and  then I’ll be at the school in the afternoon prepping for Monday.  I have 16 pounds of butter that need to be cut up to little bits, the shortening divided so it is quick work for the workers assembling the pie.  (Got some free time tomorrow afternoon?  Come join me).

I am so grateful to all those that have already helped me so much… you know who you are… so thanks!

If you are just reading this and wondering what YOU can do to help?  Prayers… I need them.  Prayers that the families will be touched to help… (that’s a four letter word… I know…) and prayers that when we make them… THEY will come and buy!  I’d be most grateful.

Day One of being alone with the boys… it actually feels like Sanj is at a meeting…  we had a simple supper, the older two boys are off to Youth Group and my younger four are ATVing, puttering and Josh is hanging by my side.

Tomorrow the older two have the day off.  I am thinking of sleeping in…  which means we will be at school on time, no doubt! 🙂  Saturday is Josh’s first time on the ice… a hockey evaluation of skating ability (which means his is zero right now)… and of course it is Saturday morning at 8 o’clock!!!  Grrr… What’s up with these early morning hours?  That means at least out of the house by seven to give him time to get all the gear on.  He is so excited about playing hockey.  I lost him too.   🙁  I hope he is not too discouraged when he gets on the ice and can’t skate, yet.

Funny, over the last months, my Josh has matured quite a bit.  I see it, I hear it and I feel it.  As much as he needed to, it is kind of sad.  He said, “I’m not a baby anymore.”

This morning Sanj and Josh were arguing over who loves me more…

Josh: “Oh Yah, I love Mommy more than 100.”

Sanj:  “I love Mommy more than a 1000.”

Josh:  “I love Mommy more than a hundred million.

Sanj:  “I love Mommy more than a billion.”

Josh:  “I Love Mommy more than an ostrich!!!”  

Sanj:  silent and had a look of defeat and confusion!


Don’t mess with my Josh and loving his mama!

All in a day!

TGIF… tomorrow!!!!


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