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 I love the computer and all it allows me to do.  Yet I also have this fear of the lovely machine.  I am so scared that one wrong move and it will fall apart.  Usually I can figure out the basics and I always have my own Mac Genius when I am stumped.  Yet that fear is usually lingering…. The other day, I was at the Sanj’s office helping the boys who do the cleaning there.  I was wiping the keyboard of the front desk computer when all of a sudden the contents of the screen went vertical on me.  I had to crane my neck to such a crazy angle to read the screen.  I freaked!  I knew this would freak Sanj out… who is a very reactive person.  I tried the few things I knew, rebooting it, pressing random buttons and praying.  It was still vertical.  Then I thought of just shutting down the computer and playing dumb.  Loving the man as I do, I couldn’t let him begin his morning in such a crazy fashion.  I mean how long could his secretary crane her neck and work?  So, praying my heart out, I fessed up to my man.  I figured he had an IT guy that is likely to be on call when a 911 occurs, right?  After a couple of stressful moments of “Reema, what did you do?” it fixed itself after another rebooting.  Phew!

You see my apprehension, right?  I mean if dusting can get me into trouble… imagine the possibilities.

I haven’t blogged for a while.  Why?  I dunno.  Summer was really busy and then I found myself realizing that I cared too much of what everyone else was thinking (and I still do) and I stopped writing for me… for the love of writing.  Even my boys noticed… which really did surprise me.  I’m back.  As my fingers get reacquainted with the keys again, that dance they do seems to be natural.

So, I’m back to posting… and I also found a new(ish) love.  Pinterest (basically an online bulletin board).  Know it?  Love it?  Me too.  If you have a board, follow me and I’ll follow you.  I don’t have a bunch on my board just because I have a seriously addictive personality.  Scary… this is why I love virgin drinks (and honestly think alcohol tastes yucky… but I’m weird) and I stay away from casinos and slot machines… love the sound in this kind of place and I truly believe that the next pull of the arm will be me winning big money.  I am a reformed shopaholic.  I love sugar…  despite being a cursed diabetic… at least I’ll die happy, me and my candy, Cadbury, chocolate covered almonds, sugar.  I love popcorn and even love crunching on those unpopped kernels, even though they hurt my teeth. You get the point?  I tend to like things a little too much that are not good for me.  Chinese food, Olive Gardens and my mom’s food….  I mean why couldn’t I be addicted to doing laundry or house work?  Or exercise?  Or hate carbs?  Sigh.

Ok this post really is all about one thing… I figured out how to add the pinterest button to my blog!  By myself!!!  I didn’t crash the computer (phew, good thing because I was at the office again).  So, as I try to grow my readership and all that jazz, could you please pin it if you like a post or are a fan of my blog?  I would be so thrilled and grateful.  So.. please…

Ok… I’m off because another fixation is blogging.  I forgot how much I love it.  And miss  it.

Have a good day!


*** To pin it.. click on the title of the post and at the bottom of each post is the PIN IT button.

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