Head Biting, Skiing and Time Changes

It’s that time to change the clocks back.  We lose an hour of sleep.  I’m glad that this time change is occurring during March Break so we can adjust to the loss of sleep by the time school is back in session.

Sanj took the Josh and Zach skiing today.  He was so amazing when the boys were young, to pack up Sammy, Tyler and Jordan every Sunday and take them to the ski hill for lessons.  All our boys are great skiers.  I credit this all to Sanj.  I remember the first time I went with them and saw the whole huge ordeal of renting skis, helmets, boats, tying them on etc… wow.  My husband became my hero in that moment.  Today he takes the youngest two to spend the day on the ski hill.  Zach is learning to snowboard and Josh is practicing his skiing.

Lately, I’ve been pretty restless in my sleep.  Sanj woke up and yelled at me.  It scared me.  I didn’t know what I was doing.  Apparently I was messing with his ear and over time it annoyed him.  Yikes!  I didn’t even know it!

Josh usually wakes up around 5 ish and then heads to our room.  I was snuggling in with him and drifted back to sleep.  In my sleep, I was so mad at someone, I reached over and bit their head.  Next thing I know, I have hair in my mouth and Josh is crying beside me.  OMG- I  bit my child!  I bit his head!!!  I was so disturbed as was Josh.

Sigh.  I’m crazy.  Apparently becoming crazier every day!!!

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