Sanj and Zachary are back from their 10 year trip.  It’s tradition… on the boys 10th  year,  they chose a place to go with Sanj for the weekend.  It’s one on one time and something they each cherish.

You’re right, Zachary is way past 10, he’s actually 12 years old.  His 10th year, the NHL went on strike.  Hockey is and has been a huge part of the trip.  They are able to watch an NHL game from great seats and some of the boys even met the players.   So with the strike, Zach decided to hold off on his trip.  For some reason, it didn’t happen last year either.  SO this very patient child of mine finally had his time.

Sanj and Zach had a great time.  Tampa had some beautiful weather for them!   They rented a fancy car, eat yummy food, went deep sea fishing (where they caught a boat-load of fish), went swimming and of course took in a hockey game.  One on one time is so special… especially when they have it with Sanj.  They came back rested and mellow.


Zachary with the catch of the day!

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