Birthdays and Beef Wellington

It’s been a roller coaster of a weekend.  Yet it’s Sunday and I am here to say I made it!!!  Last week was Josh’s 9th birthday.  How much I love this child!  Despite all the times I feel too old for a now 9 year old, he is a joy, delight and terror.  He was so excited about his 9th birthday.  When I asked him why, he told me with such earnestness, “Well, I’ve never been 9 before, Mommy.”  Be still my heart.  Usually my boys birthdays mean I will pick them up at lunch and we will spend the remainder of the day together.  With Josh, he  would be anywhere but school, it was a present in itself… a whole day with me… and truthfully, what a treat for me too!!!

Since I had no clue about WWE, Sanj was off from Wed-Sun… Josh and I went to Toys R Us… and all I can say was this picture says it all, doesn’t it?


He had a grand day with a bunch of special things.  What’s a birthday without it being all about you!!!

This Friday I was hired to cater at our church’s Date Night.  I was quite excited about it.  I love cooking.  I love feeding people.  So I was eagerly anticipating this event… until I realized that Sanj was away the week/weekend.  The other draw back was the church kitchen was under construction.  So  I would be cooking all of it at home and school and transporting it over to the church.

Here’s the thing, even though the boys are older and very able to take care of themselves and each other, I hate knowing that it’s Friday night and they are there doing nothing.  🙁  And yet, as it always does, they worked it out.  Zach was off to a friend’s.  So this left Max and Josh.  What a better combo as Josh often proclaims Max to be his best friend.! Max and Josh came and helped for a bit, till Sammy could drive them home.

I was serving Beef Wellington, individual cuties.  Here’s the thing… I made it at home for the family but never tried the individual ones.  I never really dealt with phylo  pastry.   Yikes,  everything was done except the pastry part.  I am pretty sure God knew a heart attack was about to occur and sent my friend and angel in disguise, Dorothy to the rescue!!!

photo 1

photo 2Are they not little beauties!  🙂

So thank you Dorothy for making my evening a success instead of me having a huge meltdown!!!

Anyways… we all survived the busy weekend.  Sanj made it home last night and all is well that ends well.

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