Cousin Love, Toilet Fun and Baby Days…

Teddy, Tina and Trina are Sanj’s first cousins.  Their dads are brothers. Sanj lived with their family while he was going to school at George Washington in Maryland.  I met them probably 26 + years ago.  They were young … (well, in reality, so was I).  From that first day of meeting them, our lives have been intertwined… by friendship and marriage.  We love each other deeply.  And we love each other spouses too. Our children love their aunties and uncles and their children.  It feels like Christmas whenever we are together.

Teddy and family are here visiting.  They have two little girls and a boy just for Josh.  Oh my goodness…. I see now why we didn’t get a daughter.  Sanj would be a goner.  Little Rachel, went to her Uncle Sanj ( who was not turning off the game so we could watch Frozen) and asked, “Could you please turn this off and put Frozen on, Uncle? Wow!  Never has Sanj turned the game off that quickly!!!  Loved it!  These little ones have some power!!!

Yesterday we all went skiing.  This was the little ones the first time.  After the lesson, they rocked!!! Impressive!  It was cold but no one seemed to feel it… unless you weren’t skiing.  Now I understand why you learning skiing when you are a wee one… there isn’t far too fall!!!

Today the younger boys played hooky from school and went to TO to the new aquarium with Uncle Teddy and Auntie Yeka.  They are always so thoughtful of the boys.  Tomorrow after school, they are planning something with the older boys.  So thoughtful.

I am home today to attack the laundry!  I’m not sure who is attacking whom, but I am hoping to win the battle!!!  It’s another busy week.  Sanj is away W-Sunday at a conference in Fl.  Yah, rough life.  Josh’s birthday is this Thursday… he is turning 9 years old!!!  And he has high expectations… Oye!  Then there’s a catering gig I have Friday night for a 100 people… and of course, it’s just Murphy’s Law that Sanj is away. (Sigh).  It’s all good.  Next Saturday I plan on a day with the boys just doing something fun.  But I have to get through this week.

1797541_10152666950785828_1212138223_nI am sitting at my desk writing and this picture is right in front of me.  OMG!!! I love this picture!  This moment is engraved my mind!!!  We were renting a little house in Peterborough, I had 4 babies…  This was in the playroom and attached was this little bathroom.  This is my Max…  Despite that this room had more toys then Toys R Us… all over the floor, Max found a new place to play.  The toliet.  This picture doesn’t’ show it but he ended up sitting in it.  Sanj was cracking up, taking the pic and then Max sits in it, dips his fingers in the water (I can’t even think if there was pee in it or not) and then proceeds to suck his FINGERS!!!  I’m screaming at Sanj to stop the picture taking and laughing and get him out!!!  I ended up grabbing Max by the scruff of his shirt, all the while he is grinning…. lol  OMG.  Obviously it didn’t hurt him too much.


Isn’t he such a cutie!!! He was such a happy delightful baby.  How I love my boys! Do they drive me crazy?  Yup!  And yet… it’s these moments that … Sigh.  Babyhood went too fast. Teen years, seemingly quite s….l……o….w….

It’s a new week.  Happy Monday.

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