Do manners matter?  Are they becoming extinct?  Maybe it is the way I was raised or that I am getting older or… I’m weird (Ok, no comment on that…lol).  Lately I’ve noticed that manners seem to be forgotten.  I’m not talking about kids here… but adults, young and old.


I was driving to the little grocery store in our little town and there was an older lady getting ready to cross, so I waved her on so she could cross, knowing she was going to be slow.  No worries.  Someday that will be me and I hope to be extended the same courtesy.  This woman looked at me, grumpily.  No wave or appreciation of thanks.  Ok, really?  Being friendly takes but a split second and that gesture will always uplift someone.  Maybe it shouldn’t have bothered me but her rudeness, her grumpy face had me upset. (Obviously).

I was at the mall with the boys doing that dreaded Back to School shop… when I opened the door to exit and waited that split sec since there were a few teen girls behind me.  1) No acknowledgement of thanks 2) They all just walked through, continuing their jibber jabber, while I stood and held the door open.  Really?

Over the years, the boys know how we feel about gratitude.  It’s important. Isn’t it?  It’s funny because if we take the boys out with their friends, let’s say, my boys will always say “Thanks Mom, Dad…” and maybe as a prompt to their sidekick.  I’m usually very surprised at the lack of manners some (a small few ) have.  Shocked and disappointed because it’s just polite.  Isn’t it?

Are manners a thing of the past?  Do they manner?

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