Hutt Hutt Hutt….

It’s Monday!  The weekend was rainy, pretty much non stop… and you know  what?  I love that!!!  I love a rainy day or weekend that brings out the need to start a fire, make some comfort food and yes… even do laundry!  I do hate that it required me to go out in it… but oh well, it was all good.  The temperature has changed drastically!  Ok.. I know I’, a minority in this  but I love fall!!! I love sweater weather!!! I love NOT being hot!!! Yes, I said it!  I’m hot all the time in the summer and it’s not comfortable especially because Sanj is always cold. lol So… fall is here, with the coolish weather and I LOVE IT!!! Then there’s the best part of September… it’s my birthday month!!!!  If you know me at all, then enuf said.

One of the worst things that can happen is when the washer or dryer break.  Yes, I hate laundry but I hate it worse that when this happens, I suddenly can’t think about anything aside from the laundry that is piling up!  And the repair people can’t come till later this week.  Really?  Of course that is because it’s still under warranty …. I’m sure if I was paying, they’d be out here yesterday!

Ok, what ever!  It’s going to be a good week.  Last week Josh started football.  He’s a big boy and a home body and a bit of techno addict.  Hockey is not his thing.  WWE has been his thing the last year and a bit.  Trying to help him find his thing has been a journey but  you know, he’s finding himself.  I love that he is his own person.  100%.  I am very proud of his tenacious personality that has a touch of anxiety.  This child of mine is ridiculously huge in his gear!  I love that despite his nervousness and anxiety he did it, he is learning all the stuff that comes with playing football.  I also love that the brothers come and support him, pride on their faces.  Hutt hutt hutt!!!


Once home, Josh and Sanj have to do the moves…. and then there’s football now that they watch together on tv and even baseball.  My boy is growing up, totally unique and unlike his brothers and yet so much like them.

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