Urban Legend?


First, let me apologize for  the quality of this picture.  It is my regret that I never did actually order this  but thanks to social media it is out there and obtainable!  SO yesterday was picture day for the high school boys.  I’ve learned that this means anything goes… and it’s usually in the backpack and I won’ t be aware of it till the photo is taken.

I want to say this was Tyler’s grade 10 (?) high school picture.  The school has a NO HAT policy, at least for pictures.  This picture is the school picture for the year book as well as their picture that is on there student ID card that they will use year round.

First of all, can I start off by saying my Tyler was a mama’s boy as a child.  He was a nervous sort and scared of the big world out there.  He was not a child to do foolishness and not one that  would have had the guts to do so either.  High school seemed to give him the power to let out his foolish self.

So back to the picture day, a few years + ago.  Tyler put on this Indian garb we had and put the turban in the back pack and off he went.  I guess no one was going to tell him NO HAT rule was in effect.  As he sat down, the photographer didn’t quite know what to make of it.  I mean was Tyler a Sikh? Was the turban part of his religion?  I mean, WHO would dare question this?  Today everyone must be politically correct, Right?  So, there sat my Tyler, straight-faced, wearing a turban and succeed in wearing a “hat” for picture day.

Max mentioned this yesterday, that a teacher was telling about urban legend of sorts of a “boy” who wore a turban to school on picture day … despite the no hat rule. LOLOL

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