Housewives and Breastfeeding….

It’s Thursday and I have had 3 days of success… we’ve been on time! Today I was missing my boys. I mean I get asked all the time if I’m thrilled for school to be back in session so the boys are gone? Yet the truth is I enjoy my boys in between the fighting. I mean, seriously, they are hilarious!!! I wish I could remember all that foolishness that is uttered and often leave me speechless and aghast.

Today I was laughing and giving thanks to God for these creatures that He saw fit to intrust me with. They truly have weird and unique minds. I mean, I worry a bit as I realize I am just a bit (lol) eccentric, that they maybe are just weird to the outside world. Do other kids think like for example, my Max?


So today I picked Max up for his orthodontist appointment. He was worried about being late for his next class. I asked what class… and he replied Hospitality. OK… so Sammy loved Hospitality… he enjoys cooking. Tyler and Jordan too, seemed to enjoy it well enough. All three older boys are able to cook various dishes and are definitely self sufficient. Now Max… is my child that refuses to cook or even make toast, scramble eggs or KD. He is just plain lazy, I guess. He will usually resort to eating cereal if no one “serves” him. SMH.

After a day of Hospitality, I was curious. His explanation of Hospitality was a class for GIRLS and how to behave with company coming … and I am staring at him…. like he is an alien. I mean Sanj and have have pretty traditional roles in our family, neither of us are defined by stereotypical roles. Then Max tells me that the teacher is teaching us like we are house wives. OK… I wish I took selfie of my appalled-ment (I realize this isn’t a real word but it should be). I said a few things… but told him that I’m technically a housewife… offended… and he says, “But you’re not one of those kinds (of housewives).”  Totally concerned, I told him that in this day and age, the woman he marries will expect an equal partnership of sorts…. she’s not going to be putting up with your foolishness. I asked how he thought he’d find a wife like in his head? He replied…. “Why do you think I’m checking out the girls in this class?”

I can’t wait to see what girl will put this child of mine in his place.  lolol

This is a Max post… so I may as well continue. We were in Canadian Tire and as we stood looking for a wire cutter, Max asked me, totally randomly, “Are girls breastfeed?”

Ok, imagine my confusion. Girls? What girls? I looked at him… “You mean, BABY GIRLS?”
He said, “Yes.”
I was so baffled and again a little worried… what is wrong with this child???
I said, “Max, BABIES are breast fed. (Unless they are bottle fed) Period.”
I guess he’s never seen a girl baby breast fed.

Of course I must add this disclaimer… that while Max says and questions things like a fool… usually he’s just doing  it to get my reaction…. and 10/10 I don’t let him down, I’m sure!

I love my boys. I love their spirit and authenticity. I love their inquisitness. I love their play and humour even when it is irreverent. I love that they can share their foolishness— what is hilarious to them, despite the off coloured-ness. I love my connection to them though often enough I will feel a disconnect because well… they are boys, males to be specific. Nuff Said.

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