The Pause Button…

It’s a Monday.  Its grey, kinda overcast and cool.  I am home today, actually feeling like doing laundry.  I know, I really should check my temperature!  I feel like making comfort food for my boys and just chilling.

I need to make a disclaimer:  All thoughts and statements post here on this site, my blog are thoughts and statements that are mine alone.  Please know that  some of my thoughts and statements may change over a period of time.  None are meant to offend or hurt.

Ok, now I have that out of the way, I can carry on with this post.  I was looking at one of the boys Instagram accounts and noticed their tag line (or what ever it is called) says, “Me and Jesus share the same skin colour.”  (I know, that whole me and Jesus grammar makes my skin crawl).  Cute!

I was looking at the beginning of my posts all the way back beginning in February 2008, as I was inspired by my brother’s blog.   It’s kind of cool that this is a journal of sorts for the boys (if they are every interested) later in life of their growing up years and my thoughts, hopes and concerns for them.

Looking back, I found myself wishing there was a Pause Button for life.







Many of these aren’t even that old and yet from 3-4 years ago, there is such a difference!!!  Yet there is such a difference! My older ones are pretty much men.  My younger ones are not babies anymore and while the older ones teenitude is slowing disappearing and maturity is beginning to take over, the younger ones seem to be gaining that attitude.  ugh!

The Pause Button would be so cool to just pause life so we could enjoy those moments just a bit longer.  This life, in spite its ups and down, is the only life we have.  (Until heaven, of course)!


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