Zachary Graduates…

Zachary Thomas Sukumaran is leaving his elementary years behind!  In September it will be off to high school for child of mine #5.  Wow!  He is my very social child and loves to be out and about with his friends.

I know high school is going to be great!  He is my child I will have to keep an eye out on for sure but it’s all good! lol and that’s what he has his older brother for!


Zach has a lot of talents and heart.  I love that he is able to see the needs of others and reach out.  I love that he is able to make others laugh and feel good.  He is my chef in the making.  I usually am internalizing a groan when I see him creating a mess, oops I mean meal for himself and then am always surprised with the delicious concoction that he whipped up.

He has always been my independent child from the start.  I never have to double check his packing because he is always on top of things.

He is a blossoming drummer.  I think he takes after his mama! lolol

I don’t know that he will be but I do know that he will shine in whatever he decides.  God has wonderful things planned for him and I can’t wait to see what will be unfounded.

Congratulations, Zachary!  We are so proud of you and love you!

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