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This morning I woke up extremely exhausted and disturbed.  I was dreaming of my dad being physically abusive to us and trying to figure out a way to escape his craziness.  My dad has passed on in September and I found a lot of peace for him and myself.  I have spent so many years trying to figure it out and find peace… and truth be told, sometimes I feel like God allowed my dad to live these years past to give me time to find what I needed.  Ultimately I found a peace that really does pass all understanding and God always has my back.  And yet, though I have found peace, the memories still continue to haunt.

Why am I writing…   there is FINALLY awareness about abuse.  It is not a hidden secret that abuse happens still, it’s a frightening thing for those involved and how to get help or escape takes a LOT of courage. walk a mileI just love this event!  I love the fun that comes with raising awareness to this ugliness of abuse.  I love seeing these men walk in high heels a  mile!!!  There’s a lot of  craziness in this world.  Yet events like this give hope that there is goodness, love and willingness to help.  I copied the rest of this post from the website  Put Yourself in Her Shoes website.  This is something that seems to be happening in many communities.  Please consider being a part of it as there are various ways to participate and make a difference.

Put Yourself in Her Shoes™

Each year, an ever-increasing number of men, women and their families are joining the award-winning Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®: The International Men’s March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence. A Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Event is a playful opportunity for men to raise awareness in their community about the serious causes, effects and remediations to men’s sexualized violence against women.

First You Walk the Walk

There is an old saying: “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® asks men to literally walk one mile in women’s high-heeled shoes. It’s not easy walking in these shoes, but it’s fun and it gets the community to talk about something that’s really difficult to talk about: gender relations and men’s sexualized violence against women.

Then You Talk the Talk

It’s critical to open communication about sexualized violence. While hidden away, sexualized violence is immune to cure. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get people talking. People unfamiliar with men’s sexualized violence against women don’t want to know it exists. It’s ugly. People that have experienced sexualized violence themselves want to forget about it. How do you get people talking now, so they can prevent it from happening? And if it’s already happened, how do you help them recover.

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  1. Aruna Papp says:

    The most difficult thing about experiencing abuse is to speak openly about it, very proud of you for doing this. Please read my book ‘ Unworthy Creature: A Punjabi Daughter’s Memoir of Honour, Shame and Love.’

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